Various large veg pots on a deck benefit from raised base?

New York, NY(Zone 7a)

-Does the heat from sun on a deck effect large 14-16"pots, and would they benefit from having wood bases raising them slightly?
-Ive got various large pots going, so some may like the heat? There's a cherry tom, basil, ichiban eggplant, cubanelle pepper, and pole beans? (think I remember eggplant liked to be hot for example)


Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

i think only your heat loving plants would benefit from there. I myself have tried this with 5 gallon sized pots for my tomatoes, our deck always gets scorching hot from the sun, and the tomatoes usually are not a fan of heat, they stop producing at 90F +

also tried pepper and cucumber on this deck, both could'nt take the heat either. This is my first year planting in an actual in ground garden down lower in the yard and they have been taking off like weeds so far. If you could perhaps move the less heat tolerant plants to a sunny spot off of the deck it would be a big help IMHO.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

The deck itself might benefit. More air flow under the pots will dry it out better, so the wood will not rot.

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