Heart of Winter Brugmansia 2013

Korumburra, Australia

Some more pics of the bucks fizz b orange cross and my Knightii at its spring best


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Clifton Springs, Australia

A lovely pic of Knightii, Maurice.
What a great few days ahead...up to 18c
I might get to see that coldie baby after all.....
The cold ones have the loveliest corollas as they are opening, even the Sangs.

How are everyone's going....

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne it looks like the coldies are coming throw for you now with the temps warming up a tiny bit

Maurice those plants are looking great

Sydney, Australia

Great pics everyone!

The stripes on the unopened Coldie Bud is very interesting.

Shaun why haven't you showed us your Iced Lemon, I saw it at BGI. Quite cute !

Another Monday closer to Spring ^_^ ...a few mild days ahead they say, I hope so.

Hi Cody ...hope you are bearing up over Summer.

I see a couple of Green tendrils poking out of Allan's Double white (it may be agonizingly slow because it is opening mid Winter) ...it shed yet more buds but this one will make it I think ...I have almost pure white on Melissa Amy (only one bloom in this cold).

The Seasonal dresses can be quite interesting, though Winter ones can be Winter stressed sometimes.

Keep on Brugging !


Hi Chrissy,it was a very nice day today.It was cloudy alot today.It Has been really hot though this summer.It seem to be really nice outside now.Well take care and stay warm!!!


Merino, Australia

Not good news from here, I am sad to say.
Even with some shelter, the temps along with the very cold wind were just too much for the brugs .
I now have a lot of tall green poles without leaves.
Its funny how the plants will just shed everything whether the leaf is cold affected or not.
The plants way of keeping itself from using too much energy on leaves during winter.
There are still a few buds and flowers on the two GHA plants.

One of the Mayas and Mango Cornet are in the shadehouse so still look great.
Looks like I will have to wait another year for the coldies . We only get this type of very icy weather every 2-3 years so maybe the coldies will get through next winter and bloom for me.

The pods are hanging on so all is not lost.

I may have to look at putting up another shadecloth wall and a roof in the new brug area.
Its very hard to protect them all though.
Maybe next winter, I will strip all the leaves off before the real cold gets here and see what happens

pic 1 .. a sad sight

pic 2... MC & Maya etc inside the shadehouse.


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Korumburra, Australia

The plants in the shade house look pretty happy for this time of year,

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

As Chrissy mentioned i have posted Iced Lemon in BGI and now here
sorry but im all over the place at the moment
The bloom is very small compaired to all other doubles i have and the fragrance is out standing lemon but not like lemongrass. i think like lemon squezz in a bottle

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

here are a few pics from my 2 gardens they are starting to recover from the burn they got about 4 weeks ago
sticks every where gil, thought i went out and pulled all the leaves of the plants i said NO there there to protect the plants if there is another frost ??????
pic 1 &2 are from Pam's Garden looks worse now but hocked me when i saw what the frost did over there.

pic 3,4,&5 are from my yard no3&5 are from the Brug walk and they look even today bare as but i have pods sticking around. I have found that if you think there is going to be frosts and you want to protect seed pods the i would rap them up and protect them with newspaper

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

This is what i mean by protecting
this is knightii x.Mea Culpa and has been through 2 days of -5oC and a string of days were the low was at or around 0oC for almost 2 weeks here in Croydon and we had another -4oC on last Monday but didn't seem to frost up as bad as the previous weeks

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Your seeds arrived, thank you Shaun.....

Do you think that it might be worth investing in that white frost cloth,
Bunnings have it for $9.95 for .90mt x 20mt...
Croydon has always been cold because of the Dandenongs...I think that it would be worthwhile for you...at least your young ones would be safe...


Sydney, Australia

Oh yes ...soooo sorry to see your poor shivering babies. I have sticks in some areas, but not as bad as that ...YET.

Over the years I tried a few things but the wind soon took care of any form of covering. What a shock you must have got to see that.

Thanks very much for the seeds Shaun, what a lovely surprise.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, I nearly choked when I saw that post.....I missed it this afternoon..
I am so sorry....Have you had it as bad as that before with the Brugs?
I vaguely remember a previous bad winter that you had...
What a difference the shadehouse made..still it's impossible to keep them all in there....
Bugger, that will really slow down your summer flowering....

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

This year has been one of the worst for weather the hottest, the coldest
I'm not to worried about the burnt leaves but I could look in to it thank you Dianne

I'm glade that you have received the seed from OS very nice crosses aurea all the way throw them

Sydney, Australia

Every day you look for a little surprise and yes I found one in the more sheltered cottage garden area ...Dwarf Pink n Green in it's cream Winter dress. Pic 1& 2. Just love it's green throat !

Allan's double white dropped two more buds, so I am begging this one to please stay on ...push baby push ! pic 3.

Pic 4 is the top of one of the plants the plants even in the more sheltered place, dropping their leaves.

5) is Melissa Amy in her Winter dress.

Nothing spectacular of course but I reckon we are pretty lucky to find an odd bloom here and there in the middle of Winter, don't you ? ^_^

So come on bring on those coldies ! and any surprise Warmies of course.


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Sydney, Australia

I forgot to say ...Shaun I agree with you, it has been a lousy year for Brugs compared to other years, but we live in hope that the next year will be kinder. At least we don't have snow, I don't know about everyone else but , boy I am soooo grateful for that !

Enjoy your arvo all !


Korumburra, Australia

Similar to my previous postings, this is another group from the one pod, which was Aurea pollen and Clementine pod. There was a wide range of outcomes and I will post them as I sort some out.


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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Maurice those Clementine x.aurea are very
Good looking blooms look so similar to chlementine
Good luck with the next generation

Sydney, Australia

That first Picture reminds me of Clementine with a more dropped inner skirt, very attractive Maurice.

Well what a stunning day here so far ...must be about 21C with bright warmish Sun. Rain coming they say so it's " make hay while the sun shines " for me,

hope for all of you too ! ^_^


Merino, Australia

Lovely blooms Maurice.
Shaun, the sun is out here too. Not as warm as you because we have a cold wind.

I have just taken all the mucky leaves off the brugs.
I will cut them all back to the base over the next week.
Any cuttings I keep will go into a bucket of damp coir so they can rest until Spring .
Hopefully making roots too.

Some cuttings will be sent out later, nearer Spring, as I see what I have that is good wood.
The only brugs I have still with leaves are a few that were against walls or in the shadehouse..

Among all the sad sticks is Tantra , blooming away with the last two beautiful large blooms of pristine white.


Sydney, Australia

Another stunning mid Winter day 22C here ...quite delicious !
Sadly it will lull the Brugs into a false sense of security (you see tiny new leaves starting back up ...oops Frost due next week ! (maybe they are wrong- let's hope so).

The grass is still green in some areas so that means so far the Winter isn't shocking (yet).
I hope everyone is enjoying there day, I am loving mine ^_^.

Dianne has that coldie opened ?
If it has, could you please start the next thread with a picture of it, if you wouldn't mind.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Not yet, Chrissie...we are expecting hail, strong winds and storms......
So I have the bud tied up tied up today.....I think it will still be a couple of days if it survives...

Did you and Jean see the pics of GHA x Angioletto on BGI...they are on Dan's thread?....can't wait to see these flower...


Sydney, Australia

Absolutely, they look fantastic don't they, so wonderful to think they are growing happily over the pond, good on you! well done.

Good luck with your coldie baby ...hope it will be ok for you.


Merino, Australia

Can you hear the sobbing ????

My coldies just heard about Diannes one still going.

Mine all tossed their buds in fright when they saw the temps.

I think I need to stick then all next to GHA so they can see just how to grow here. ...lol

Rain and strong winds all night and all today.

Not nice out there.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, I looked at early pics of Magenta Magic and it seemed to be square coming out of the calyx.....did you notice that on her?
Mine is very square and only 4 corolla tips too.....

Is MM in the shadehouse?

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Yes a very nice day 12 over night then 21 oC during the day about 3.30 pm the story changes
Black sky's and then he thunder hits the wind comes along and then rain did it rain

Dianne that coldie looks great and i see what your talking about with the square edges, very interesting I will have to keep an eye on my babies also

Jean & Chrissy it is great to see all of hose plants OS from the seed that w,e have supplied over he last 12 months congrats

Sydney, Australia

Wow all this shifting of the furniture here at Daves Garden, is making my head/eyes hurt ...


Merino, Australia

I'm with you Chrissy. It was so annoying having to scroll back & forth when the pages were so stretched , but now they are so cramped . One still has to scroll across for the log in & out.
My eyes are aching too....lol

It if aint broke, dont fix it.
Nothing wrong with the way DG was, previously.

Dianne, yes, my first flower was squarish but probably because of only 4 petal tips. The next one with 5 was nice and round.
Now I have to wait until next year to see if I get more flowers.
Hopefully , now, because the plants are more mature, they will grow stronger and flower sooner.


Sydney, Australia

I hope everyone has a great weekend !

Hopefully Dianne, your baby will greet us with a new thread by Monday.
Maybe the furniture here in the forums will stop rocking around by then.

Big storm ahead here so over and out ^_^


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

I am wondering if any one has done crosses with Knightii & Aztec Gold?
I have a pod and about to sow them in the next 2-3 weeks.
If you have what was the results from this cross?

Clifton Springs, Australia

I just moved us....

Shaun do you want to put your last post over on the new thread in case it gets missed?

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