Black buds on my Plumeria

Baltimore, MD


My plumeria had grown 5 beautiful leaves and was looking great. Last week, all the leaves fell off and I now have what looks like new leaves budding that are BLACK. Where do I go from here? I live in Baltimore, MD.


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Orem, UT(Zone 6b)

Could be black tip fungus?
Every 2 or 3 weeks apply "GreenLight "Fung-Away II" granules
to the plumerias soil. (about a hand full per pot)
2. Grow plumerias in as much sun as possible.
3. Do NOT spray the plant with water at night when temp are
below 60 degrees F. (you can water, just not the leaves etc.)
4. Spray Plumerias and *entire area of greenhouses every 2 weeks
with "Fung-Away", even if there are no signs of Black Tip.

Someone a little more knowledgeable to verify???

Orem, UT(Zone 6b)

I'm reading a little more, and it says that if the Buds are black and ultimately the leaves then it just may be due to cold weather and ok. As it continues to grow if the base of the stems are black then it is black tip fungus. Let it grow a little and trim away the black at an angle until you see white wood and keep it a little warmer and see if that helps. If the entire tip starts to turn black and "rot" then it's black tip and can be treated with the above instructions, but hopefully is just a temp. problem.

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