Milkweed Butterfly Weed Asclepias When to Plant Zone 6

Rochester Hills, MI

Hello, I am in zone 6, Michigan. I purchased a bunch of Milkweed seeds. I am starting a new butterfly garden. With it being almost July my seedlings should be ready to plant by late August. Will this be too late in the year to plant them in the ground or should I wait until the next spring?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

If I'm right, I think Michigan gets really cold winters, IF that's the case then leave the planting of your flowering plant seeds till early spring next year, they will have a better chance of good germination, you can start some off earlier inside in seed trays to get a SLIGHTLY earlier start than outdoor sewing. Here in UK where I am and we get very cold winters, I always wait to sew outdoors soon as I find weed seeds beginning to pop through and they germinate, thats the best indicator to me that the soil has warmed up enough for seeds to get going and the outside temps are suitable.
Maybe someone else from your own area can come in here and tell you otherwise so good luck and best regards.

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