Goldfish plant help...

Fern Creek, KY

My goldfish plant has taken a turn for the worse and is looking puny since I replanted it in a larger container... It gets plenty of indirect light from a west facing windo and I water it once a week... It has one bloom on it but the foliage has died off considerably... What am I doing wrong?

As always thank you for any and all help!!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Dont know the plant by that name to be honest but, for all plants that get re-potted you should NOT plant them into a pot that is too different in size of previous pot, they should go into a new pot about 2 sizes larger.
If the pot is too big, this means the plant is in a whole lot more compost, it takes a lot more water to wet all this extra compost / soil and like all plants when moved, they can go into shock after being settled into the environment of a long time to then be removed and re-potted into cooler soil / compost, then you have to try get the amount of watering right, and the situation you site it in.

Check pot size.
Is the plant in the same position as before.
Have you used the same type of soil the plant was previously in.
Have you fed the plant since re-potting.
Have you got the watering right, Stick finger into soil, if wet DONT water if dry, give water.
has the amount of sunlight changed as most indoor plants like good sun LIGHT but not direct sun onto the plant in a window.
Hope this helps, send in a picture if you can and maybe others can offer better help than myself.
Good luck. WeeNel.

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