Help with my Jasmine plant!

London, United Kingdom

Hi All,

I'm in need of some urgent advise regarding my beloved Jasmine "Clotted Cream" (aka Devon Cream) plant. I planted it last summer and it's developed into quite a healthy plant (had to resort to a container given the very heavy soil here in Surrey, which has already claimed some young plants). However, both last summer and now this summer, I've noticed a very peculiar problem - a lot of the top young shoots seem to be going very "limp" to touch or turning really crumply, brown/pale yellow. Last summer, I thought that it might be lack of nutrients/feed, but much to my chagrin, the same symptoms have returned! :( Not sure if it's lack of moisture, I've been watering it twice a week, feed with tomorite one of the two times.

I'd be very grateful if there's any advise you're able to offer, I'm sure you'll identify with the pain of seeing one of your favourite plants ailing! I'm so looking forward to the heavenly scent when it blooms!

Many thanks.


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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

The first look at the pictures looked a bit like damage to the growing stem as it looks a bit dead/ damaged however, on closer look at the next picture there are more yellowing leaves that indicate you might have some sort of aphid attack or something like that is sucking the sap from the leaf / foliage so it is important that you do a really close search at the back of the leaves to try see if this is the case, I use a magnifying glass for this job as some things like Red Spider mites are as small as a pin head, if it is the Spider might you would normally find VERY FINE spiders webs looking like Angle Hair we used to use at Christmas time to look like snow on the tree, (mind you that was years ago ha, ha, ha.

I also think you need to check the soil for too dry or too wet, do this by sticking your finger way down into the soil if it feels dry then the plant required more water when you do water it, IF soil is still wet, you must stop watering till the soil dries out a bit, sometimes it is difficult to find how much water is required when the plant is in a large tub.
Another thing to do is to find out the type of compost or soil you have used, I planted mine into Shop bought compost as here on west coast of Scotland we have a more acidic soil so we have to amend it for some plants, also remember these plants can form a large root system and maybe it needs some humus added as from last year it may have used up any goodness and you never said how much Tomato feed you were using, it could be too little or too much. but to be honest, tomato feed for flowering plants is normally a good all rounder, that or Rose fertilizer is also a good stand by.
I had to have my plant indoors over winters as here it is extremely cold and harsh winds strip the leaves off the tender plants and some so called hardy plants, and not sure about your area but we have had very little sunshine, little day light and cold evenings and lots of rain so maybe it will take you a bit longer to find the real problem as things don't go wrong over night and there's no over night fix either.

Hope all this gives you some clues what to look for and how to fix it but here all over UK we have not had the best growing conditions for the last couple of years so maybe it's just climate.
Good luck, WeeNel.

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