question about "space"

Madera Acres, CA

This is the only corner I have for best sunlight & I must hang (only).So here is my first mini hanging garden.My question is will the vegtables be too close as thew grow? Does it harm them if they touch?I have strawberries & tomatoes & bell pepper in the white container

Thumbnail by thumbofgreen
Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

depends on the mater variety... tomatoes can vine, grow to 12' long and will overtake everything, bell peppers are slow growers, it isnt so much the touching as it is the craving sun water and fertilizer that becomes important, food for tomatoes is different than bells. Strawberries stay small, but spread and send out runners and like it shady in the afternoon, while bells and tomatoes want full sun. You are going to need MUCH larger pots for the tomatoes, and not much smaller pots than the tomato pots for the bells that can grow 3'-4' high when in ground... not much help amI? sorry

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