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Schefflera Tree

Georgetown, AL(Zone 9a)

I bought this tree is Houston TX this past fall. I brought it home to south Alabama and over wintered it indoors. It has been on my south facing covered patio for two months now. I just don't think it's getting as much sunlight as it needs to thrive. I should say that I'm not sure exactly what it needs (sunlight) to be completely happy. Currently it is about 5 ft tall and 3 1/2 foot wide at its largest span.

I am thinking of putting it in the ground this week. Does someone have some advice on what might benefit my tree? My zone is borderline 8b/9a (we were recently upgraded to 9a). I have plenty of acreage so plenty of room to put it somewhere it can GROW!

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Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

seeing how big your plant is, i think keeping it hydrated after you transplant will be a priority since they appreciate moisture and humidity.

do you have an open area that gets some relief from sun? that would be great! in FL, you'll see them growing in many different situations, but i'm not sure how different your climate is..

once they establish, they are pretty tough.

Georgetown, AL(Zone 9a)

Thank you Coastalzonepush,
We have constant humidity. I do have a site that fits your suggestion. I am very close to Florida and sometimes want to sell my house and move farther south due to my love for tropical plants :) We rarely have a "hard freeze" here and MOST everything, even if it dies back, comes back in the Spring.

I would love to hear opinions from others as well. I do not want to lose this tree, nor do I want to have to bring it back in the house.

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Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

It's in landscapes all over my area, zone 8b, NW Florida.

Georgetown, AL(Zone 9a)

Thanks KayJones, you are not far from me at all. In fact, I'm in Pensacola FL at the beach right now

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