They don't last long here

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

A basket ball, soccer ball, or even a bowling ball doesn't stay in one piece long here.

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Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

not here either that is why I get the eGGee it think it is by jolly ball but even the demon child can not kill it. I believe Amazon carries them.

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Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Try a coconut. I have gotten young ones in the produce section at the supermarket. I just throw one out in the yard, in a dry but shaded area, and let nature take its course. If it still had its husk, the dog seemed to have *great fun* removing it. Eventually one of its 3 eyes will opened, & it dried out inside. My Rottweiler couldn't do it any harm, even though its shell is quite thin. . . . I widened the one eye that opened, just enough to put a few small bits of dry dog food in it---It took **forever** for her to work them out, so I only put a few in each time, as any that got stale before she could extract them became ant food!)

I was reading that someone else saws the C-nuts in half, and their dogs scrape any meat out (they must be using older coconuts than I had access to), then use them for long-lasting toys & treat dispensers. (That way they are bowls that rock all over the place, presenting quite a challenge if they try to simply lick the contents out.)

You can throw them long distances, too, and they don't break easily---Although they sound like they must crack if they inadvertently land on concrete or the like, mine never did seem to. The dogs eventually took them under our MH & I haven't seen them since. I should get another one!

These videos show how at least some dogs react to Coconuts:

"Puppy Vs Coconut:..."
- [Yorkie]

'Hanna Husking a Coconut'
(Jack Russell)

(Two dogs compete for a Coconut.)

"Annie vs. the coconut"
- [Frustrated German Shepherd]

"Coconut eating dog"
- [Beagle w/ sawn in half Coconut] YouTube

"Eating Coconut"
[Once the shell is cut open, it can be cracked & broken much easier,
so I only use *whole* Coconut shells as dog toys, myself.]

"My American Bully
The Master Coconut Husker & Friends.. LOL"

"Dog (Jimbo) husking a Coconut"
(Golden Lab)

"After the dog husked the coconut"

"Samoan Puppy Playing with Coconut Shell"

"Our Neuroutic Dog and his Coconut"
- [Using a Coconut as a Float Toy to Retrieve in Water]

"Mastiff shreds a Coconut"

Coconut husker "Murphy"

"Amazing Video of Dog Ripping Open Coconut"
- ('From Tree to Sea')

"Dog and coconut" - "Dog eats coconut fruit, not a bone..."
- [Golden Retriever]

"Otto [Doberman] Loves His Coconut!"

Yesterday I researched toys for major chewing dogs, and found these possibilities:

The eGGe, Dog Toy

Jolly Pets, Push-N-Play, Puncture Proof, Jolly Ball

I used to also get tennis balls that were made stronger for dogs, but our Rottie soon 'popped' them by chomping down on them, too. So, I heated a nail & melted two air holes through each T-ball (one on either side) before giving one to her. That way **without popping** they would collapse, and then **re-inflate** again when she released her hold . . . like KONG toys only with less effort. That Rottie would walk around for some time with such a ball in her mouth repeatedly collapsing it over & over & over again. Eventually each ball would split . . . but even so, they lasted a **LOT** longer that way than when left poppable!

The Coconut is my favorite of them all, because you can use its husk for mulch in the garden, on top of it's shell being quite strong (because of its shape), and because I can put dry treats in it, too.

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Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

My new pup is a killer on chew toys. And even worse on things she should not chew. I got her from the pound where she was advertised as a fiest mix and that may well be but I see a lot of JRT in there and she does not give up. I bought her a couple tennis balls and she had them in dime sized pieces in no time. Rawhide bones don't last much longer. I may have to invest in a coconut.

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

Phoebe likes to pop the tennis balls and I by the hard all court types that are really suppose to be tough. Hum.... I guess she showed them whose tuff. heheh
Once she has them popped she likes to just chew them like its a jaw exerciser. She has great jaws.

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Try putting two holes (one on each side) into the tennis balls, so she can't inadvertently seal it up with her tongue while chomping down on it. Then it should stay in one piece for some time! It will be much more interesting to her if it keeps popping back into shape when she opens her jaws!

I heated the end of a nail on the stove top to melt holes in mine.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I gave Andre a coconut and he stiffed it and went back to playing with his eggee. He loves it and he can not destroy it. It is to big to get into his mouth but he loves to roll it all over the back yard. Only problem is anything that gets in the way he will destroy. It was a plant pot today

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

My sis-in-law called today to say that she recently rediscovered the whole, empty, coconut shell I'd given her when she had a Labrador. Now she has a BIG Pit Bull . . . which LIKES to CHEW . . . but, he hasn't been able to dent it! She says it doesn't look like he ever will be able to, it is holding up that well!

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Port Richey, FL(Zone 9a)

That is a great idea about the coconut, I'm going to try that!! I have two sisters that are 3 yrs of age, they're pit mix and they love to chew. Kong toys seem to hold up the longest, but even those never last and they cost so much. Thanks for the tip 2QandLearn! :)

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Not sure if their shells are strongest before --or after-- drying out, if either.

I look forward to hearing how well --and how long-- they hold up for your two 'pups'!

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

Been a while since I posted any pics of the fur babies so thought I would share a couple. Baxter has turned into a real heavyweight. He weighs 54 lbs. Phoebe is 105lbs

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