"pinching tomatoe and pepper flowers" but eggplant/pole bean

New York, NY(Zone 7a)

So, I "pinched" my small cherry tom (indeterminate sweet 100) and cubanelle pepper flowers. They were very small under 1ft. and the other thread on pinching tom and pepper reminded me of this... The tom is growing and now a bit taller and flowering, the cubanelle not so much.

-Will ichiban japanese eggplant benefit also from pinching? (I recall I only got about 3-4 eggplants last time and did not pinch)
-What about my 1st attempt at pole beans, these are flowering at a low height?


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New York, NY(Zone 7a)

Any have experience or advice on this with ichiban eggplant and pole beans?

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I'm not sure about what question you are asking about the pole beans. Do you want to pinch them. I never have and the do just fine. If they out grow their supports they'll just work their way back down. If you are concerned about them flowering small or young. What variety do you have. There are half runner beans that vine but don't grow that high.

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New York, NY(Zone 7a)

I was wondering if people "pinch" ichiban eggplant or pole beans, like they do tom and pepper plants?
They were labeled just pole beans, so I don't know the particular type.
If you don't pinch them that's good enough for me. I don't want to really miss out on any stringbeans etc.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

I've never heard of pinching beans and I've never had to pinch eggplant flowers. Generally tomatoes and peppers will flower when they are still in nursery pots or shortly after they are planted, before they have had time to grow a good root system. I've never had that happen with Eggplant. In fact, the first flowers on my Eggplant usually fall off by themselves. So it's not how big the plant is but how long it's been in the ground and even that is a judgement call. I don't think you need to miss any string beans. Lol

Austin, TX

I have two ichiban plants this year. Planted the same time, with the same size. The first one fruited early, when the plant was one foot tall. I left it there. The fruit got big, but the plant did not. That ichiban is still almost one foot tall, and trying to fruit again. The other is three feet tall and has four fruit. It didn't start fruiting until it was twice the size of the first. The lesson is clear. Don't let a small ichiban fruit.

New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

Pole Beans; I'm growing Thai Purple Podded Yard Long Bean for the first time this year. They outgrew their 8' trellis and were starting on my neighbor's fence. Some of the extra long vines I guided back down the trellis, but they reached the top again pretty quickly. So I started clipping off the top. And they started putting out shoots much closer to the bottom - like a foot off the ground. This was perfect for me, since all the growth seemed centered on the top. On my second planting, as an experiment, I started pinching the growing tip at about 4' tall. This did produce a lot more side shoots. I don't know if pinching would work with regular green pole beans, but it sure works great with the Thai Purple Podded Yard Long Bean. Try pinching one or two plants & see what they do,

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

Fertilzer guys, if u use MG tomAto fert use a full lid on each plant at least 1x a month, and water in if you expect to keep it growing. no need to pinch ple beans, they are designed to fruit short and just keep growing, but they need fert n heat also- sun is good for EP n other veggies.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Jo how long did it take your beans to start producing? I'm thinking of starting some yard longs but it maybe too late. The spring was so long and cool I had a hard time getting everything planted/sown. I may just sow some more pole beans and wait until next yr for the long beans.

New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

1lisac, sorry it took so long answer - I've been away for a few days.

I did my first planting of the Thai Purple Podded Yard Long Beans early & they took forever to produce - like 6-8 weeks. I did a second planting less than a month ago, and they're just starting to produce. I think they like the warmer weather better than the springtime temps. The ones I planted in the spring are also still producing like crazy.

I don't know how much hot weather you have left, but if you've got about 8-10 weeks of over 85 degrees, I'd say do for it!

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