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Last year in mid-summer I had a pine tree in my yard suddenly die. All the needles turned brown at once. By September it was clear that I had no choice but to have it removed. The sawyer who came to do the removal said that pine borers had killed it. He also said that the borers would likely go right down the line of trees, killing them all in turn. Can someone help me find information on this pest? I am especially interested in its life cycle. My location is Tennessee.
Attached is a photo of the trunk of the next tree in line.

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Do a search for "pine bark beetle"


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Hi Doug, I do know that it is recommended to remove the dead trees to slow down the possible spread of borers from one tree to the next. But, I see you had it removed, that is good. That's unfortunate but all I can advise is keep on having them removed when they die, as beetles continue to feed on even dead trees. I believe you said in an earlier post that it was Pinus strobus (Eastern White Pine). The type of Pine can make a huge difference as some are non-native and some are not and some are more susceptible than others. The Scots Pine especially is prone to an awful Pine Nematode giving it Pine Wilt and they can die within 2 years, it is non-native. You might check to be sure yours isn't Scots Pine as they die regularly from Pine Wilt. Scots Pines have an orangish appearance in the branches. I had a small potted White Pine die recently though just from last Summer's heat and drought. I've seen pines and trees of all kinds just dead all over the place from a lack of rain/water last Summer. That is common here AND I expect in your area. Unless that Sawyer you mention is a licensed Arborist you might question his determination as well. Here is a photo of one tree in particular that musta been a sadness for this homeowner. - It looked like a Colorado Blue Spruce though. You'll probably get a faster response if you name the type of Pine tree and/or include pics. Here is some search results of Pine Bark Beetle -

Here is one in particular that I found interesting. -

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