amaryllis seeds?

Center, TX

Hi, I rec'd an amarillis bulb for Xmas last year. I planted it in the garden. When it bloomed, it was georgous. Then it made a seed pod which got as big as a lemon. When it dried, The seeds were big as dimes and jet black. Will they come up if planted and what should I do before planting them? I've never heard of this so I need some GOOD advise. Thanks,Alda

Deltona, FL(Zone 9b)

Yes, you have seed.

The “kernel” should be a hard, raised lump in the center of the black disk. If you have kernels, then plant the entire seed. If you can’t feel a lump when you hold a seed between your fingers, then the seed is not viable.

“Plant” is a relative term. I use a damp, sterile material like vermiculite or sand. Amaryllis seeds rot easily. Use a container with good drainage. I do NOT cover the seeds.

No prior prep is required.

Plant immediately. A local wildflower seed grower told me that viability of seed drops every day that the sum of the temperature and humidity is over 100. Here in Florida, that’s every day.

Given them warmth and light. Keep the planting material barely moist. I keep mine indoor on a sunny east window sill. Outside is too hot. The planting material dries out too fast.

Germination time varies. 11 days is the quickest this year. I’ve also had seed take 47 days to germinate.

I’ve been breeding/hybridizing my own amaryllis since 2008. You can view one of my results under Great Website for Amaryllis Fans.

Good Luck!


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