Bromeliads for Novices and Addicts - July 2013

Brisbane, Australia

Welcome brom lovers. We'd love to hear from you and see any brom photos that you might have. Don't worry if you're only just starting out. We all learn new things about broms every day.
Any questions welcome and we'll do our best to answer them.
We came here from
The photos are of various Aechmeas.
Cheers Jen
(Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks.)

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Hi to all,
Hi Jen,I am so jealous of you.They are so beautiful.I really love the 2nd and 3rd one.Take Care!!!

Hi,Sue,Trish,Tash,Nev,Shirley and Ian


Merino, Australia

Hello everyone.
Jen, clever you getting the new thread up and running.

I've been going to post for ages, but seem to keep getting sidetracked on the way .
I have been a bit domestic lately too. Cant have hubby buried in dust.

I went out between showers to get a few new pics .
Lots of zygos at the moment which I like to get pics of. Its a good year for the flowers on them.

I wont go into all the posts as I would be here forever replying.
Great pics from everyone as usual.

Lots of broms for me think I must

I hope all those that are feeling out of sorts are steadily improving.
At least the weather is forcing us all to stay inside so those that need rest will be getting it.

Nev, you will be pleased to hear that I hung most of my bills the other day. They are all up as close as I can get them to the alsinite roof so lots of light for them. I expect to see plenty of color as the weather warms later.

I have been admiring the bills on eBay over the last week but they are going a bit above my means.

I did buy a lovely neophytum Firecracker. It was sold as an orthophytum but on looking it up, I see it is a xneophytum. Very pretty thing too.
I also bought another one..orthophytum vagans variegated.

I know I was not going to buy any more broms on eBay, but I did.

A couple that were cheap and looked pretty.
From two different sellers, I now have two neos Pink Mosaic.

One is lighter in color and the other much darker. Must have been grown in different light.

My broms are still all looking great considering the cold. There are a few yellow leaves on two of the smaller vrieseas, but they should hopefully last until the warm weather gets back.
I see more new pups growing from the old Mums.

I am glad I put up the plastic to keep the rain off the broms as I think it has also protected them from the cold.
It should be warm under there whenever the sun shines.

pics 1 & 2 ... the two neo Pink Mosaics..

pic 3... vr. Kiwi Cream

pic 4 the neo I bought as Auvre, which is I think Allure.

pic 5....the very pretty othophytum vagans var.


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north coast nsw, Australia

HI everyone. Raining and pouring here. Been cold to.
I love Neophytum's Jean. Dont ask me which ones which because i dont know. hehe!

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Hi Bree,
I love your beautiful colored plants..Take Care!!!


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Hi Sue,I love your pics.I love the one with all the hanging pots.Its awesome!!! Take Care!!!


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Coffs Harbour, Australia

Good morning...or is it? yuk...rain and wind today, but here I am, warm and cosy, scoffing a bowl of porridge! Mmmmmmm.
Well done on starting the new thread, Jen. I didn't know you had it in you! heh heh. Beautiful Aechmeas on show too.
Jean, the new purchases sound lovely, and good to know you have some areas designed to get the best out of your existing plants. I wish I had an area under alsonite for some! It sounds cosy.
Bree, love your xNeophytums. I am quite fond of them also, such bright cheerful things and sun hardy too.
Cody, I hear you about your only son. Pity we can't wrap them in cotton wool and keep them at home forever! I hope your issues with the ex aren't too stressful on you and your son. I think the two plants you like in Jens pics are Aechmea 'Pica' and Aechmea 'Aztec'. Am I close Jen?
Well, my internet gadget seems to have recovered from its total lack of power, and now is showing a full battery. Gremlins? I haven't got any new photos, but I am sure I can find something to share with you all.
photo one is Orthophytum 'Blaze', one of the genus used in the xNeophytums.
photo two is some ornaments in the shade house
photo three is a partial view in the shade house (all file pics)

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Merino, Australia

Breeindy , I love your pics.
I didnt know about xneophytums until I bought FireCracker.
Looking at yours, they are very beautiful.
I will have to design a place for the orthophytums and the neophytums.
I must look up more on their requirements.

I have read that they like the same things in regard to warmth, water etc.
I am thinking the bench under the alsinite roof would be a great place for them.
Lots of light and shelter from any cold wind.

The shadehouse with the alsinite roof is joined to 2 other shadehouses with shadecloth on their roof, so lots of air circulation.

The bench made of weldmesh and about 7' long.
I am thinking I could add some old branches and stones, then place the pots among them making it look sort of natural.
Something to think about while the cold, wet weather is here and I cant get out to do much.

I hope all the rain up north is easing off a bit so you can all dry out and get out among your broms.


Here is a pic of my baby!!


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Brisbane, Australia

Good morning everyone, still raining here but fingers crossed we might see some sun tomorrow.
Jean I love your 2 different Pink Mosaics. Very much like one I have called Neo Galaxy. Good luck with your Vr Kiwi Cream. Mine never seems to do well, just quills in the centre and looks raggy despite lots of moves. I bought it very early and I think they were initially tissue cultured so they seem to be much tougher now. Wendy has one and it's huge and beautiful. I hate to tell you Jean but you are definitely a bromoholic. Not only are you thinking about broms but also about ways to hang more up.
Love your ornaments Sue. You're very artistic. Very clever way of hanging lots. You've given me some ideas. Good guess on the Aechmeas, 1 out of 2. The dark one is Belizia. Hard to tell in a photo but it's a bit bigger than Pica and has wrinkly leaves. I don't feel any richer so I must be famous.
Thanks for your photos Cody. It's great seeing other places. I know what you mean about sons and danger. My 20 yr old has just bought a powerful motorbike and I dread him riding it. Lots of sleepless nights coming up.
Beautiful Neophytms Bree. Their colours are amazing and they're tough as old boots if you can find a nice bright spot and leave them alone.
Nev I loved the photos of your Rainbow lorikeets. They are such opiniated little birds. Ray says you should open the Shellharbour Wildlife sanctuary. I'll start a list for your Bills Nev but most of them are only new so it could be a while. I'm not totally convinced I like the variegated Hallelujah yet. Looks very like Bellesima with less white to me. Great photos of some of Lisa Vinzent's hybrids. She has crossed such a wide variety of genera. The variegated Splendens looks just like my Vr Galaxy. Are they just different names for the same plant? I agree that Lily's Bill looks like brasiliensis.(Welcome Lily-love). I've got about 50 seedlings of them from a batch of seed Wendy bought from some seedbank overseas. And also pallidiflora which is the new name for Bill. mexicana. Hope you are enjoying your time with your family Nev.
Your new garden looks great Ian. Good job. Hope you are feeling a bit better Trish. I'm not game to go back to the previous page to look at your photos because I almost lost everything I'd written. Lucky I'd copied it onto the clipboard.
Shirley, I bet you are hoping the rain stops soon. It can't be much fun travelling in the rain with a puppy.
Sorry if I've missed anyone. I'm looking forward to Friday because the big Nambour Garden Show is on. I haven't been before but it's supposed to be very good. For a $16 entry fee it had better be. I could buy a brom with that!
Photos are 1. Neo Galaxy for Jean, 2. Vriesea Galaxy and 3 and 4 Billbergia Bellesima for Nev 5. bigeneric Guzvriesea Happa Rose

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Hi Jen,Love your pics.Take Care!!!


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Queensland, Australia

Hi Everyone, sounds like some misserable weather going on.
I wonder if I type short lines and hit enter instead of letting it wrap
on it's own, if that might make reading easier for those of us who
are having to guess the dreaded end bit! It ruins the enjoyment
of reading to some extent.
Well we have a cool snap up here in the tropics, 12 degrees this
morning which is cold for us. Not shorts t-shirt and bare feet weather
at all. Jumpers... although some were a bit musty had to be worn and
socks on the feet and trackies for the kids but shorts for adults ;)
Ian your gardens are looking good and all your hard work is paying
off by the looks.
Thanks Trish for the further mancozeb info, we mean to do things like
routine fungicide sprays but never seem to get to it. But I am going to
give it a go. We are getting better with getting our routine back on
track now, seedlings are getting fert every week which is helping, I
want to get back onto Seasol sprays and now the fungicide too.
Who was it who told me about the BBQ skewers in Coles? Was
that you Shirley? A big thanks, because I got them and they are great.
If it wasn't Shirley, my apologies... but a big thanks to you :)
Nev I hear you about the viewing being AWFUL at the moment with
the words cut off. I wonder how this post will looks as I am typing
like the old days of a typewriter and hitting enter manually about
3/4 of the way across the reply box to see how this looks. Not at all
a solution to the issue, but at least you might be able to ready this
one without guessing the last word. It's driving me nuts.
Alternately I find if I copy and paste the URL (address line) at the top
of the page into Internet Explorer, it dispalys fine... I just hate IE so
prefer Chrome or Firefox.
Well nothing new here... a big hello to everyone and sorry for not
addressing each and every person today, bit short on time.... now
what pic can I put up?
I know, I took a photo the other day of four of our Hannibal
Lector X Foster's Pink Tips. Some come with the name Neo High
Voltage, the other's with the name Neo Pink Tiger. A perfect
example to me of over naming or maybe mis naming from a grex.
I know there is a real High Voltage which looks different to these,
so maybe there is a 'real' Pink Tiger as well. But the trouble is,
grexes get imported and then a name gets put on one and next
thing they are all wearing the name when they are siblings, not
pups from the ONE that was named. Can become a big mess
as I see it. But anyway, here are four of them

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Queensland, Australia

Well the manual enter 3/4 way across worked, but I just realised... the issue is fixed in the new thread, yipeeee. I can see all the wording again.
Jen I was meant to say good work on the new thread too
well done!!! Love your Aechmea pics :)

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – Well the family's arrived so I can't stay too long, but thanks Jen for starting a new thread for July, and not only have you started a new thread but you seemed to have fixed the bug that was in the thread for June as I can read all of the entries and don't have to play “Guess the Missing Words”. Great pic's too.

Jean – I haven't forgotten about the list of Bill's I promised to send but I've been too busy with some other things, and then the rain held everything up as well so hopefully the fine weather will stay around and I can get a list made up in the next week or two.

They're nice pic's of your Neo 'Pink Mosaic' plants and I also think if you give your little Othophytum vagans more light it will colour up with a touch of red along the leaf margins as well. To see a selection of pic's which illustrate the advantages of growing with stronger light, go to the FCBS Photo Index on the following site: and search for Orthophytum vagans under the Orthophytum species listing.

Cody – I really don't want to get involved in a marital dispute as it's none of my business, but I think you may be worrying unnecessarily about your son's safety as Go-Carts are very safe due to the low centre of gravity and the wide wheel base. As long as he's wearing a crash hat I think he's pretty safe, and besides, us blokes (even little ones) need an occasional adrenalin rush to make life interesting

Breeindy – That's great colour you're getting in your Neophytum plants; I'll bet they're growing in good light? They really are a credit to you.

Sue – It's a beautiful bright sunny day down here today and they say all of our rain has gone up to the Coffs Harbour area, is that correct?

I don't know if you found them or not, but in amongst those pups I sent there is a package of tiny seedlings somewhere. They were over the back of the others on my bench and out of site but although they are small, they are tough and are showing a bit of promising colour.

Family's calling so I've gotta go, sorry no pic's today but a big “Hi” to anyone I may have missed.

All the best, Nev.

Hi Nev,take care!!


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Nev,my son is my family.

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Hi all,
Not a bad day here , cool mornings and evenings and warm during the days. And no sign of rain. Next month we can expect winds and they can be strong and cold.We haven’t had a winter as yet this year.
Hi Jen, the first pic wouldn’t be Dark Goddess would it, number 4 a chantini and 5 Samurai. I know there are a lot of chantinis getting around lately, Samurai and shogun are both hybrids and I think so is varigata. They are nice looking plants. I was to go to Nambour this weekend but my finances got used up going to Cairns. Maybe next year I can budget for it. There will be some of the Mackay Group down there. Please enjoy it for me too.
Jean Vagans means wandering, so if it gets a chance to grow on the ground it will spread like a weed, but a good weed, good light will bring out some red making it a tricolour. I like the Pink Mosaics, nice shades of a not too often seen colour in broms.
Hi Bree, Nice Neophytums I can’t identify them for you. They certainly have good colour.
Sue I know how to get rid of Housework, it is easy. Create a file and call it Housework. Delete the file and your computer will ask, are you sure you want to permanently remove Housework. Click on yes and Presto Housework is gone.
I’m glad you like the beginnings of my front garden, now I have to study the sun a bit more. Most of it gets a lot of sun from daylight to well into the afternoon. The plants in this situation need to be as tough as nails. The blanchies were there for at least 9 months and did get a bit of burn but not too much.
Nev Enjoy your family.They are more important than broms.
Cody, so you are an overprotective mum, and that is what makes you the person you are.Whatever you do is on your conscience, not anyone elses. Just be yourself. Best of luck in getting a good outcome from court.
Lily_love welcome to the group, enjoy your Bil.
Have a good one
Pic 1 Neo Bills Gift
Pic 2 Neo Calypso
Pic 3Neo High Voltage
Pic 4 Neo Clarise

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Hi Ian,Love your plants!!


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Hi Kim,i hope you are doing good?

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Ian,to me family is my number 1 focus in life.So i am just being myself,and that is to protect what i love the most out of life,my son...

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Queensland, Australia

Morning all, Ian I had to write as I am still laughing at your housework solution, I love that one! Too funny. Yeah it's a pain how the brom funds tend to dry up all the time isn't it? I would love to travel down to one of the big events one year, I think we will try to save up for Bromsmatta in 2015, that will be our big trip south I reckon. Brisbane isn't too far... well it is a long way, but you know, at least it's within the state. the kids will all be a little older by then, and hopefully it will be doable for us.
Nev enjoy having the family around, nice when they are near.

Bree those Neophytum's are devine, not a genera I own, but there are a few little things like that which I would love to add at some stage. Just love that fireworks of colour.
Well just a short one, hope everyone is well I'll try to get some new photos today, but it will most likely be ones you have all seen before, nothing new to show at the moment :)

Coffs Harbour, Australia

hi all, just a quick one, Tash, isn't Bromsmatta in Sydney

Queensland, Australia

Morning all... what was I thinking Sue... yes it is Sydney, doh, airfares, damm. I was talking the other week with someone about the 2017 one which is in Brisbane and we were both saying if we miss the Sydney one, we could do the one in Brisbane. Hmmm getting myself mucked up. Glad someone is on the ball ;)

Hi to all!!
I hope everyone has a great day..Take Care!!


Coffs Harbour, Australia

Tash, you had two years to get the place right! heh heh.
What? No Nev, no, Shirley, No Ian, No Trish!
all you're getting is sad.
I haven't got much to tell. The sun is shining and I have some pruning to do, but can't do any potting untilm the ground is a little dryer, as it will turn to mud if I start to track from potting shed to shade house. Good excuse eh/
My head is not in it today, as my daughters shed was broken into last night, and along with a number of other things, their 15 week Bulldog pup was stolen, and they are devastated. I was alerted by a call from the Campbelltown police, who were trying to reach my daughter. Fat lot of good they'll do when they are calling her next of kin! I only live 8 hours from her! If any of you have contacts in the western highland area, can you alert them to be on the lookout for him. Mac, is his name and he is very cute!
anyway, off to make the most of the sunshine. Maybe I will get back tonight?

Goodby everyone!!! Hope you all take care!!
Trish you are very much welcome to dmail me anytime..

Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone, hope you are all well!

Got a fair bit going on at the moment hence why I am AWOL but just wanted to quickly check in and let everyone know that I am ok just that spare time is very limited at present and by the time I get home from work, aside from not feeling 100% well at present (nothing serious) just need to rest the doc' said which is easier said than done when you work fulltime. Now I am away on a course so you probably will not hear from me until Sunday sometime if all goes to plan.

Anyway until then, take care everyone and I look forward to speaking to you all soon.


Take Care and Happy Gardening!.

Queensland, Australia

Sue and Cody... it's just the three of us, he he he. Cody..goodbye? Are you leaving us? I hope all is ok.
Ohh hi Trish, I hope you feel better soon, yes it's so hard to rest to get better with the kinds of busy life styles we lead. I wish it was as simple as saying... I need two days of bed rest and I'll be fine... ha! Who gets that luxury? But I hope you feel better soon.
Sue I have re shared Jesse's pic and I hope she gets Mac back, terrible.
Well nothing much happening here either, no new broms happening for a while, nothing really needing doing for the time being, just fert and sprays etc.
I hope everyone else is having fun and just busy at the moment, just a short one tonight, catch up tomorrow :)

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Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone,

We are home again and so pleased to be here. What a shocker of a ‘holiday’. The crappiest weather imaginable … nine days and nights of non-stop rain. Nine days of wet towels, wet feet, wet dogs and cabin fever. Around 2000 kms and not a single day of sunshine, not a single photo taken, whinge, whinge, whinge.

Anyway, we had a lovely sunny day today but I didn’t get to even look at my broms. I had so much washing to catch up on and still more to do tomorrow, then hopefully some brom time.

I picked up two lovely parcels at the post office today, thanks so much Nev and Jean. The broms and seedlings are still in very good condition, despite being there for more than a week, thanks to some very careful wrapping and packaging. They are enjoying a soak in some Seasol tonight and I will pot them up tomorrow ... thanks again.

I haven’t read all the posts on the June thread so I apologise if I should respond to anyone. I will start back with the new July thread, thanks Jen, lovely pics.

Jean, love those two neo pink mosaics. I have one somewhere but I don’t think it is nearly as nice as either of yours.

Bree, those are stunning neophytums.

Cody, great to see you are still posting. You must be very proud of your boy.

Sue, I wish we had been able to call in to see you when we visited Coffs Harbour. If we ever travel south again, we will certainly stop in to see you and Nev too if we get as far as Shellharbour.

I hope your daughter gets her pup back, she must be so upset. Gee, there are some low life around.

Jen, every year when the Nambour Garden Show is on, we seem to have other plans and every year I say, maybe next year we’ll make it. Please let us know what you think of the expo, I think it would be fantastic. Maybe next year.

Tash, glad you were able to get the bbq skewers from Coles, they are very good, strong ones.

Nev, enjoy your time with your family. Hope you get your computer problems sorted too.

Ian, I like your idea for getting rid of the housework … if only it was that easy. I like your neos High Voltage and Clarise.

Trish, hope you are feeling better by now … being Friday night should help, but it sounds like you are so busy. Try to take it easy and look after yourself.

No brom photos tonight but I will post some pics of our new baby, Molly. She is a beautiful girl and settling in very well.

Bye for now, Shirley

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Hi Trish,sorry your job is keeping you so busy.Don't over do yourself.Take Care!!!
Hi Tash,i just meant for the night.I was just saying goodbye for the day.Everything is good,thanks!!!Take Care!!!
Hi Shirley,I am very proud of my son.I love the pics of your dogs.Take Care!!!


Thumbnail by southgal
Coffs Harbour, Australia

good morning, whew, we aren't all alone! I thought you must be going somewhere too, Cody, I thought, maybe your sisters place, or are you there already?
Shirley, sorry the weather was so awful for you. Maybe it was mother natures way of saying she was upset that the maroons beat the blues? heh heh. Your new family member looks very comfortable in her new yard! I hope she enjoys her new life with you. Yes, my daughter is extremely upset about her puppy, and there is no word yet. I have been trying to share it on FB, but hardly anyone has been sharing it on from there. The few who have shared, haven't had much luck with their friends sharing it on. I would have thought everyone could understand the importance of getting it out there, and sooner rather than later. I will start sharing it on individuals pages if it doesn't go viral soon.
I liked Ians approach to housework too. There are lots of things I should make folders of, then delete!
Trish, I hope your cold/flu thingo clears soon, and I am in awe that you manage to do so much and work full time as well. I hope your course goes as planned.
Nev must be enjoying time with his family....ho dare he!....... heh heh. I am beginning to miss seeing all the colourful photos everyone usually posts, and am guilty of not having taken anything new for awhile, as at this time of year, it is pretty quiet in my garden and collection, but there should be some Aechmeas and Billbergias coming into flower in the next month or so.I did a little bit of dead leafing yesterday, which makes them look so much better. i wasn't sure if I should cut the damaged, but not fully dead leaves off, as I wonder if they aren't still protecting/sheliding the plants from the cold? Is it better to leave them on as insulation, or cut them off so they are not a drain on the plant? Any ideas?
Its a very dull day here today, and I would dearly love to see the sun! It doesn't look like rain, and its not really all that cold, but very uninspiring when it comes to going out doors! I must say, I have been watching a movie a day this week, just to avoid going outside!
Well, I suppose I'd better open my housework folder and get started....oh, what? Someones deleted it!

Hi Sue,i won't be keeping her dog this time.They have someone else that is going to keep him.


Merino, Australia

Hello all. I do look in all the time but dont always post as I dont have a lot of pics to show.
Its absolutely freezing here because of the bitterly cold wind that came up yesterday . Overnight it was blowing a gale and I was surprised to see no real damage to anything.

I must admit I havent been any further than the back door but hubby would soon tell me if he saw any damage.

Its s till raining so I wont be going out any time soon.

My broms are still looking okay in the cold.
I think the plastic sheets over those in the shadehouses are keeping the worst of the cold off.
The greenhouse ones are lucky being totally inside.
I must say, the ones in the open shadehouse with no protection are not doing badly .

My little seedlings are still sitting on the table inside. They can stay there until Spring.
I keep watching my new seeds to see any signs of green starting.

Sue , that is so awful about the puppy. I really dont know how people can be so mean.

Looks like the sun is trying to peep out even though its raining.
I may put my coat on and brave the cold and do a quick ( very quick) run around the garden just to check on things.

I did have a bit of luck yesterday while we were over in Hamilton shopping.
Hubby had to go to the metal place where he buys all his aluminium etc and I saw a piece of poly pipe in their bin. I asked for it and was told to take it.
Its a nice piece for putting holes in as a planter for some broms. Its about 7' long with a diameter of around 5".
I will get hubby to drill large holes along it and I will suspend it horizontally .

Hope you are all getting some better weather up north.
Just a couple of old pics of the broms .


Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Christchurch, New Zealand

interesting to see a dobie with a tail...
they still dock here in NZ.
Most of us obedience folk would happily see it banned but the show folks are kicking up a fuss about freedom of choice.
Bet the dogs would choose to keep their tails!

Hi all, I am stonkered, work work and more work and no play makes this boy tired. Well another day of work tomorrow and then maybe some time for my broms. I did pop out and have a quick look today and moved a few plants. Now they are hanging and it gives me a little more space to increase the ventilation or air circulation. This is one thing that I noticed in Cairns was that the 1 garden that I looked at had a lot of their plants on totems and heaps of totems in rows through out their collection. Of course my camera was not working then so no pics..
Shirley nice looking puppies, glad you have room for them, I haven't.
Sue I notice Aechmeas and Bills flowering here too, it must be time for them.
It seems that you are becoming a movieholic as well as a bromaholic.
I have been dead leafing all my plants as I handle them.
Cody, I think you just might have enough to look after with your sisters house and your son. Enjoy.
Have a good one.
Pics random shots

Thumbnail by ianperry Thumbnail by ianperry Thumbnail by ianperry Thumbnail by ianperry Thumbnail by ianperry
Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone.
It's great to see you back Shirley. Sorry to hear the weather was so horrible. Molly looks beautiful and very much at home. The Garden show was interesting and I got some good bargains at Olive's stall but with a $16 entry fee (an extra $7.50 if you wanted to park on the grounds) and an 11/2 hour drive I don't think I'll bother again. I'd rather save my money and spend it at a brom show.
Good to hear from NZ. Hope it's not too cold over there Therese. I've put a photo below of a miniature Billbergia nutans, very much like yours but only about 6 cm long. It looks good in a hanging basket when its flowering.
Sorry to hear it's so cold down your way Jean but it's good that your plants are coping well. Even with our subtropical climate some of my Vrieseas and Guzmanias get brown cold spots on their lower leaves. I'm trying a product that Sue uses, Yates Rose spray, in case the spots are fungal. Pretty Vrieseas in your photo. If you are peaking at the Vr seed don't be disappointed if nothing much is happening. They can take about a month to germinate and probably even longer in winter.
Hi Cody, lovely photo of you and your son.
Any sign of Jesse's dog yet Sue? Rotten people who would steal a pet. Hopefully now that it's the weekend some more people might share Mac's photo. It's been quite overcast here too and I agree that it makes it very hard to get motivated. We had sunshine Thursday and I raced around the yard like a crazy person. Got heaps done but by 4 o'clock I could hardly walk. How about some photos slacko? There's always something looking good in your garden. Get off the couch and get your camera out!
Trish sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Sounds like you need a holiday or at least a weekend in the garden to give yourself time to get over the bug. Took me a while but I finally took a photo of Vr Crackerjack. I cheated a bit and cropped it very close as the lower leaves get lots of brown spots in Winter. I'm trying it in the plastic house to keep it warmer and limit the rain on it during winter.
Ian I had a real laugh at your delete the housework file. Wonder if it would also work with cranky people. My husband had a chuckle at your garden of pricks. We'll have to start a file of 'Ianisms'. Between you and Nev we get plenty of chuckles. Good picking on Ae. Dark Goddess. I've got some seed from it coming up atm. The 3rd photo was Ae. Fantasia which is a tessmanii hybrid. Right also on Samurai. Nice photos especially of Clarisse and High Voltage.
Nev I hope you and Ailsa are enjoying the visit from your family. I miss your explanations and photos. I bet you're busy too Tash with the school holidays. I'm also looking forward to Bromsmatta and the one at the Sunshine Coast. The great thing will be that we can buy broms and not have to worry about quarantine.
I'd better quit before I lose the post. Photos are 1. Bill. nutans (miniature) for Theresa. Don't know its name. Minuata? Or is that a dance? 2. Vr Crackerjack for Trish 3. Neo Heatwave, a new release from Nambour 4. My Nambour buys, Neos Sonic Boom and Bobby Jo. Hard to believe they'll both grow up to be more than a metre across. 5. Random Vrieseas Night all, Jen

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Brisbane, Australia

Great photos Ian. We must have posted at the same time.

Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone

Cody, nice pic, your son looks very much like you. Have you started on your brom collection yet?

Sue, if the bad weather we experienced on our NSW trip was a result of Mother Nature’s displeasure at the maroons beating the blues, there’s some really bad weather on the way in a couple of weeks’ time when Qld wins the series :o)

Molly has settled in very well and the two dogs get along really well. She is a little undisciplined so I have booked her and I into obedience training … maybe I can learn to do as I’m told, but I doubt it, hopefully I can teach Molly to obey a few commands. Good luck with locating your daughter’s puppy.

Jean, hope it stops raining and blowing a gale and warms up for you soon … sounds really miserable. Good to hear your broms are handling the cold weather OK.

Therese, it’s been illegal here in Queensland to dock tails for a while now. Mind you, they are big dogs and when they get excited and wag their tails in the house, they can send things flying in all directions. Both our dogs have tails like kangaroos and a good whack can really hurt too.

Ian and Trish, you are both obviously working too hard … time to slow down and get out amongst your broms, take some deep breaths and r-e-l-a-x .

Thanks Jen, it’s so good to be back home and if I ever catch up with the washing, shopping and housework, I will enjoy the sunshine and the garden.
Molly is gorgeous, she has really enjoyed having a big yard to run around in and a friend to play with.

Perhaps I’ll rethink going to the Garden Expo next year, maybe better off going to an open day at Olives. Do you know when she is having the next one?
I am sure it’s warmer on Brissy’s northside than where you are Jen, perhaps I could baby sit some of your vrieseas … keep them warm for you over winter :o)

Love your new purchases, Jen, you are obviously attracted to the variegated neos too. You have so many really lovely vrieseas, including Vr Crackerjack, I am so envious.

Pic 1 – Vr Kiwi Cream, pic 2 – Vr Kiwi Sunset, pic 3 – Vr Kiwi Dusk

it's after midnight and I meant to have an early night.

G'night all, Shirley

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Hi to all!!!
Hi Ian,thanks!!! Love your photos..Take Care and Stay warm!!!
Hi Jen,thank you!! Love your photos..Take Care and Stay wam!!!
Hi Shirley,thank you so very much!! I have not been able to get to another town yet were they sell them.I can't drive,because i have seizures.I have had them ever since i was a little kid.I will get one when i get a chance.Love your photos as well.Take Care and Stay warm!!!


north coast nsw, Australia

Hello! Ive been sick, everyone at school has chicken pox and ive been sick for 2 weeks but can see no spots yet. My daughter is getting spots though but hasnt been sick.
Its illegal to tail dock all over Australia isnt it. I use to show dogs and its weird seeing them with tails now. Boxers and dobies.
My Achmea is flowering. Anyone not have this as i have a heap.

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