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Bristol, United Kingdom


Iím a total newbie to gardening. Just starting out on my own garden.
On the way to this forum I found other cool stuff while browsing for gardening advice.
And I found this quite interesting:

Thought I post this in here in case any other newbie would like a plant finder just to get started! =)

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Welcome to Dave's Garden for beginners forum Lizzie, your going to love it here, everyone very friendly. If one person cant help you out with any question be sure another one will come along and try help. It's the kind of place where regardless of gardening skills, your able to get some form of results when problems arise while trying to make our little piece of dirt into a special haven for ourselves or family.
You pointed other newbies to a great web site but you need to look further into all the forums here on Dave's as "if it aint here then, don't know of anywhere else you'l find it" Have a great gardening year, feel free to begin your journey into gardening and ask any questions you may feel can help you get started.
Kindest Regards. WeeNel.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Thanks for the warm welcome! =)

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