SUMMER 2013 #2

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

There is a new thread Fall 2013 . I know it was started 3 weeks ago but arent we into fall? Leaves are turning here now and Geese are flying.

Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

not yet.

Louise is trying to have me have one next year. We shall see what I get done this fall and what is left in the spring.

Rosemary you are close enough for the private tour.

Lexington, MA(Zone 6a)

Count me in, and thanks!

I just have to get a few more plants into the fresh ground ...

South Hamilton, MA

Remember to post in fall.

Thomaston, CT

Can't wait to come, Bill!

Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

It will be early one so we can see jm's with spring color.

Lexington, MA(Zone 6a)

That sounds great. I would think fall color is going to be pretty nice too.

Southwest , NH(Zone 5b)

Eek! Don't forget that we aren't up here yet in the early spring! You CANNOT have one without me, BILL!!! LOL. By early, when are you thinking? I may have to rearrange our schedule......😄 know i will not miss it if possible!

Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

right after memorial day - if you are not here you can still man the food and invite pages though :)

Thomaston, CT

Must have Louise in person!

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