Your advice on Magnus

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

I found two beautiful Magnus coneflowers in l gallon containers today
my question is this
I see that they can grow 3 to 6 foot tall!
Now what would be most attractive to use to stake the plants
I will place them in front of my 5 foot tall clematis on their trellis
Would you try to tie them to the trellis along with the clematis on each trellis
I think that would take away from the tall black trellis with clematis on each...
It would not be outstanding in the flower garden if I tie the coneflower stems to the

What would look best of work ?

I also got the Ruby Giant coneflower one gallon.
Thrilled to find them at the nursery 2 hours from my home..

Any advice?
Do these return each year if treated well?

thanks Sheri

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I grew 'Magnus' from seed many years ago. I don't think it ever got more than 3-feet tall, if that, and I never staked mine. As long as they're in full sun, they tend to stay pretty sturdy. 'Magnus' was a very reliable perennial for me - it does need *some* water and TLC (fertilizer, weeding, mulch, etc.), but it's not a high maintenance plant and it wasn't nearly as fussy as some of the newer hybrids can be.

Belton, TX

Mine often get 5 to 6' tall...I have daylilies planted in front of them to help support them when they reach that peak of summer height, but they produce very strong stems and unless the winds are particularly active, they will not need staking or any assistance. Mine are evergreen during the winter, put on new growth beginning in June when our Texas heat begins to rear it's ugly head...and continue to bloom to Halloween!...I usually don't trim the dead stalks until just after Christmas after the birds have exhausted the seed...I've had mine growing in the center garden for more than 12 years....and very few plants can bloom and thrive with minimal water like these gems...

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

thank you both so much!
I will plant them today and I know now where to put them..
I get 4 hours of sun a day and most things do bloom in that I have
salvia, iris, clematis and coneflowers...........and porter weed plant.
Daylilys too..butterfly bush

Athens, PA

My Magnus have always grown 3-4 feet tall. I have tied mine up in the past. A tomato cage works well too in the spring when they are starting to come up.

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

thank you, Terry, Carolyn and all that have written

Talihina, OK

I just use a portion of some pvc pipe and kinda bunch the plants up so that they tend to support each other and run a string/rope ar whatever I have handy around the whole bunch after first tying one end to the pipe and then I go all of the wat around the bunch and then back to the pipe and tying the loose end to it thereby making a circle if the PVC is bothersome to you then it is easy to paint with spray paint,I use dark green

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