Growing German Chamomile in Containers?

Cresson, PA(Zone 6a)

Hi all!

I found some German Chamomile seeds in my seed collection container that are 1-2 years old. I would like to plant them in a container as an indoor plant/herb, but I'm not sure of a few things.

1. what type of soil pH does German Chamomile need?
2. How deep should my pot be?
3. How much sunlight do they need? (I have a south/southwest facing large living room window. Directly under the window is a couch with the coffee table about 3 feet from the window. This window receives late-afternoon/evening sun. Will this be enough light?

Any other suggestions and help will be appreciated! This is my first attempt at growing Chamomile!

Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Matricaria Chamomilla, part of the Asteracaea family... common names scented mayweed Hungarian kamilla... apple scented. Needs Care if using for medicinal purposes!

It REALLY needs open soil for growing - best is a ph 7.0 to 7.5 in a sandy well draining soil in full sun. 6" to 12" spacing, can apply a even n-p-k fertilizer before planting. Blooms in early spring thru midsummer. In Pa I would sugggest a sw corner for sun.

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Good Morning MrsLidwell, I had the same package of seed I think!! Last year. I planted late fall in a pot of compost, vermiculite, peatmoss and pearlite, Kept moist they sprouted and I overwintered in the greenhouse, though I am not sure I needed to I wanted to be positive they had the best shot I could give them. In spring they came back and did very well. I started takeing cuttings , possibly June maybe May, They start very easily for cuttings in the same soil.
I have maybe six scattered around the property pots of it now deciding where it will grow best.
They like sun, but seems not too much sun. They love water and heat!! I collect the flower every few days with a but of the green and new flowers are showing up almost daily. It is a fun plant to grow. I hope yours do well!!

Cresson, PA(Zone 6a)

Thanks guys! I only have a few seeds to try out, but I will try some of your suggestions! I got these seeds from a trade, so arejay, haha it's very possible that we do have the same seeds! I would really love to have some herbs growing indoors throughout the winter, especially ones I know I'll use often! So, I'm trying to figure out which ones will work.

So, I shouldn't plant them in pots, instead, overwinter them and transplant them out next year?

Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Dont know what size pots they started them in, but it looks like drainage is the most part of the soil thry need. Try some in pots! Save a few for outdoors? Maybe? Looks like you will have a great deal of heat to use in the next few days.

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Try the pots if you have no luck email me ill save some cuttings!!

Cresson, PA(Zone 6a)

Will do!! Thanks guys!!

San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

Just received some seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. Sowed them on top of the potting mix in a 4" pot and placed a piece of glass over the pot to reduce evaporation. This works for other tiny seeds that I've sown before but is this acceptable for this species? And how long should germination take?

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

There is some good information in the plant files

hope it helps!!

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