CLOSED: Your feeling fine handmade bath soap and bubble bath from MoodLifterSoap

Rittman, OH(Zone 6a)

"Feeling down, tired, sad and blue? is here to help you.
Handcrafted bath soap with bubbles galore,
With stimulating fragrances you can't ignore.

Ease your mind along with your body
With lots of scented bubbles that isn't shoddy.
Blanket yourself with warmth from outside chill
Lull yourself into peaceful serenity calm and still.

Here is where you find your comfort bath soap bars,
Your universe of scented bubbles instead of bright stars.
Making you clean, refreshed and feeling absolutely great,
These quality soap products are always first rate.

These bubbly products are made carefully by hand,
Hopefully you will say they are very grand.
Now change your sad moods into smiles that spread wide,
Please allow to be your guide!"

My name is Glenn and I am manager/owner of Mood Lifter Soap Creations, Ltd. a small soap making business in northern Ohio, USA. I specialize in making your "feeling fine" bath soap and bubble bath powder with the goal to help wake, perk and cheer you up. Think of them as your comfort soap. Don't underestimate the power of bubbles in making you feel relaxed, calm and even energetic - especially after having a bad day. All of the soap and bubble bath powders have recognizable fragrances; from zesty citrus scents, calming floral perfumes and energetic mints and spices.

Tired after a weeding workout in the garden or after a run? Need to unwind from work or after a hectic day of shopping with the kids? Don't you deserve some well-needed pampering while becoming clean and refreshed?

Please feel free to visit my website at and plan for your clean-serenity. Bubbles never made you feel so alive - until now!

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