SASE Blowout! Everything must go!

Last night I was up till 3 re-categorizing all my seeds and preparing for this spring.

So, I now have two main categories of seeds - those I'll be planting this spring, and those that I won't.

So, here's an open offer to send out these extra seeds to anyone who wants to send me a SASE. I'll fill the SASE with as many different varieties as I can. It's pretty much luck-of-the-draw what you'll get.

Here are the varieties that you might get:

Crepe Myrtle (packets for all 4 colors)
Trumpet Vine
Butterfly bush (these may or may not work)
Mimosa tree
Heirloom Federle tomatoes
Mulberry nigella (love-in-a-mist)
Siberian Iris
Traveler's Joy Clematis
Zinnias (mixed colors)
Tulip Poplar tree
Magnolia tree

I've got probably around a hundred packets altogether, so I can withstand quite a deluge of SASEs.

E-mail me for my address!

P.S. If you have anything /really/ interesting, we may be able to do a trade. I'll warn you that I pretty much have everything I need for this spring.


Kansas City , MO(Zone 6a)

Dave, I sent you a SASE about a week ago, could you add the heirloom federle tomatoes and mulberry nigella in it, or do I need to send you another SASE? Please let me know! Kathy

Wentworth, SD(Zone 4a)

Dave, I probably shouldn't, but I would love some. Let me know. Mick

Sagle, ID(Zone 6a)


Count me in!

I would love to have some seeds. Just let me know. Thanks.

Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

Would love some zinnias or anything else.

Dave: Would love some of your seeds. I am not sure if we are to select seeds we want or not. I really love the Clematis and zinnias - whatever - I will be very happy with whatever seeds you are nice enough to send.
Please send your address so I can mail you SASE.

Zebulon, NC(Zone 7a)

Yea! ...from tomato down (on the list)sounds great for my gardens.

Green Bay, WI(Zone 4a)

i am very interested in the Siberian Iris or whatever else you have.

thanks for sharing


Weeki Wachee, FL(Zone 9a)

I am interested in your Trumpet Vine and/or Mimosa Tree seeds. I don't have a lot of seeds right now and the one I do have a lot of that I could do a trade with you are getting rid of (Siberian Iris). Email me and I will send you a sase. When I get more seeds I will email you and offer you some in return if that is okay with you. :)


Weeki Wachee, FL(Zone 9a)

I take that back Dave I do have some lavender and delphiniums. I really need to reorganize my seeds :P I got them here there and everwhere around here it seems. If you are interested in either of these let me know.


Franktown, CO(Zone 5a)

I would love some seeds...Pls include the clematis and send your address

Kansas City , MO(Zone 6a)

Dave, I got your SASE today, and I got some crepe myrtle and siberian iris (which will both be put to good use come spring), so I'd like to send you another SASE for those maroon nigella and Federle tomatoes, if you don't mind sending me your address again! Thanks, Kathy

Cullman, AL(Zone 7a)

Please Email me your address and I will send SASE for whatever you have to share. Thanks~Doris

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Hi Dave,
I would love to have some seeds. Please send me your address and let me know how much postage you need.

love to get your Crepe Myrtle

Trumpet Vine
Siberian Iris

Traveler's Joy Clematis

Zinnias (mixed colors)
. Email me your address and feel free to look over my list and tell me if you need anything.



Clark, MO

Dave, I would absolutely love some magnolia tree seed. Let me know where to send the SASE and I'll get it out. Thanks so much! Earthworks

Gore, VA

Hi Dave!
I am a Newbie and I want in on the SASE Blow-out. Great way to get started!

I think the SASE blowout is over. I have over 14 SASEs sitting here on my desk to fill now.

Thanks everyone who participated - your SASE's have most likely been received and you'll be notified that I'm sending them back out to you soon (I'm still busy getting moved in to my new house!!)


Okay, all SASEs are filled and almost evey single psurplus packet of mine has been given away.

All SASE's that I have received have been sent to the owners - enjoy!! Sorry for those of you who came in late in the game. Next fall there will be a SASE blowout that's 100 times bigger. ;-)


Schenevus, NY

send mes. your address. I have some very unusual poppies.
I call them catbird's. they are about 2-3'tall. darkish rose color, large black eye, the unusual part is the many ruffled petals.

(Zone 5a)

Hi Dave!
What a nice welcome to your site!
I'd like some Trumpet Vine and Siberian Iris, if they're not all gone. Send me your address, please and I'll get a SASE out.
Thank you so much!

Spencerville, OH(Zone 5b)

I would love to get in on these. Please let me know.

Selah, WA(Zone 6a)


If you still have any left, send me your addy and I will get a SASE in the mail.
Thanks for sharing

Sorry everyone, per my message above - I'm all out of SASE seeds. Next year there will be many more!!


Legal, AB(Zone 3a)

I'd like to try your magnolias, let me know!!

No More Seeds!!

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