Godzilla Skeeters

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Skeeters rarely bother me - guess I'm not the right flavor .. but yesterday one landed on me and it was startling because I was aware of it instantly!! This skeeter was at least 3 possibly 4 times larger than the normal ones! I swatted her before she had enough time to poke me and normally I'm not aware of a skeeter landing on me until they bite. Has anyone else seen these humongous mosquitoes?

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

I have seen some huge ones, too. I do not normally have much of a problem, but I am constantly getting bitten this summer. :(:(

Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

Hope you don't have as many there as we do here in Soggy Bottoms.
They are everywhere along with Yellow flies.
I hate BUGS
Rain isn't very high on my list right now either.

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

These guys are certainly scary! I found out they are called Gallinippers, Psorophora ciliata. Thankfully they don't carry diseases.

Summerville, SC

Yes, they are here too! Mosquitoes that is, that large one you IDed I have not seen in person this year. Glad for that! I learned something new, as unusual, when I read these chats that not all mosq. carry disease. Thank you! . FYI: The citronella geranium is helpful after leaves are crushed. Garlic spray around the area is also a deterrent.
Enjoy your gardening and get some natural mosquito repellent! :-)

(Zone 9a)

I believe it is the lemony scent in the geraniums that they do not like. I have some natural mosquito repellent granules that I spread around the doors and they smell like lemon and garlic.

With young grandchildren coming for a visit next week I have to take some unusual steps and I think I will spray the entire garden, grass, trees, everything, with a weak solution of a lemony detergent or soap if I can find it. Does Dr. Bronner's come in lemon? Maybe 1 TBS to a gallon. That does not sound like a weak solution but with all this rain we are having it is not really strong. Hopefully the scent will deter them for a while.

I have seen those gigantic mosquitoes down here along with some really tiny, transparent (babies maybe) ones.

In the meantime I keep the witch hazel ready to spray on the bites, if I can get to them quickly enough it helps.

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