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Young Araucanas

(Zone 6b)

These were hatched out a number of weeks ago.

Now these two hatched out and are totally a different color.

Richmond, TX

I know that Ameraucanas can be various unpredictable colors. I assume the same is true of Araucanas. They also can change colors dramatically with each early molt. Cute chicks!

(Zone 6b)

Thanks Porkpal. Appreciate it. I have a couple of roosters in my backyard that I'm not legally supposed to have. I know the neighbors across the street can hear them crow. Nobody seems to care though. Nobody has reported me. I don't have a neighbor to the north. :) That house is mine, though still junky. The building to the south and across the ally from me are owned by an organization that has day care for the mentally challenged adults. They don't bother me about it. So far so good. The roosters are pretty good not to crow a lot anyway.

What I am trying to say is that I am trying to hatch out some baby silkies too. That is why I have the roosters here. One good thing about it, I can move them outside of town if I need to.

GBU Porkpal.

(Zone 6b)

I was at the Allsups the other day, which is like 7/11 or Toot'n'Totem. I heard this loud crowing rooster. It wasn't mine. :D lol So somebody around there also has a rooster in their yard. Pretty funny. The chicken crowd is growing.

Personally, I'd rather hear a rooster than a barking dog.

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