Mysterious house bug?

Gilroy, CA

Any ideas on what this may be. I catch about 10 each day wandering the walls in my living room and I have been searching high and low for their hangout. I found one spot in a dark closet where they decided to live in, reproduce or just hang out in a clay thing my son made.

So far no biting, not in the kitchen, wandering walls mostly.
Their body is very squish able.
6 legs,
2 antennae
detached head
2 (at least) wings
legs do not stick out from under the body much
not flat like a bed bug

pictures are horrible, I tried all I could to get them to work better. They are driving me crazy!! Any advice is helpful. Can't use chemicals to get rid of them so trying to clean like a madman.


Thumbnail by Jfortino Thumbnail by Jfortino
Gilroy, CA

Oh yeah, I am in Northern California south of San Jose and inland.
Gilroy, CA

Deer Park, TX

They could possibly be carpet beetles.

Minot, ND

Can you get a clear close-up of a dorsal (top side) view of at least one of them?

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