Memory Garden for a "FRIEND"

Virginia Beach, VA

A golf buddy passed away 1-1/2 years ago and the ladies league at the club decided that we need to do something in her memory. One member talked to the Director of the club and found out that there are a lot of trees, benches all around the golf course which are dedicated for members who had passed away.
The ladies decided on a Memory garden which was approved and gave us a big area which is very visible.
We need money so we solicited donations and was able to collect almost $600.00. With this we were able to buy a big maple tree and a heron sculpture.One member donated tons liriope and with 6 girls gardened one Saturday morning spending $200.00+ for mulch and fertilizer.
We decided to have a dedication and I am tasked to coordinate this project.

First thing on the agenda is to talk to the husband and he wanted it to be done this summer because he wants his 2 children from California and Arizona to come.The dedication is on Wed August 14 at 7:30 PM

It is not simple anymore!!! I have to add more plants, write a letter to the clubs director what I can do and can not do. i have to have a budget!!!

If you had seen the pictures of my garden on biginners landscaping "BELLES HAVEN GARDEN 2013".

I have to be mindful to plant varieties that does not require a lot of water because there is no irrigation in that location.

I planted variegated yucca, Mexican petunia, painters palette, assorted sedums which are doing well.I had been doing it myself spending 1-1.5 hours in early morning.

Are you bored yet?

Stay tuned.

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