CLOSED: Gymnastic Dragonfly

East Bridgewater, MA

What type of dragonfly is this and what why was it arching it's back? This was taken in SE Massachusetts. Thanks!

Thumbnail by neefman
Minot, ND

This is one of the pennants in the genus Celithemis; possibly the calico pennant, Celithemis elisa -
Unfortunately, I cannot provide a reason for its pose.

East Bridgewater, MA

I think Calico Pennant is the proper ID. Thanks for the help. :)

Minot, ND

I have taken another look at this image, and now believe that I was mistaken in calling it a pennant; it more likely is a female eastern amberwing, Perithemis tenera -
And I have found out that the pose is called "obelisking" -

East Bridgewater, MA

Wow, I'm glad i checked back to this post. Obelisking to stay cool. It was hot as hell that day so that makes sense. Thanks!

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