CLOSED: and the last one; mysterious looking bug

aalter, Belgium

This one is from last summer, i had a few pictures of unknown insects (to me atleast)
and now i've found this forum. That's why i post 3 at once now *blush* x)
Would be great if i knew which one this is (rare or not)
Location: Flanders, Belgium

Thumbnail by elmigger Thumbnail by elmigger
Minot, ND

This is Polyphylla fullo, a beetle in the family Scarabaeidae. It appears to be common and widespread -

aalter, Belgium

Thanks for identifying this beauty ^^ tho; Polyphylla fullo is found in North Africa and Europe. It occurs most frequently in central and southern Europe, but it is almost everywhere rare. so it does seem to be rare, then i guess it was a great find :D

Minot, ND

I should have been more precise in calling it common, as it obviously is not evenly distributed over its entire range...

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