CLOSED: Unknown Preying mantis looking bug?

(Crystal) Waverly, AL

I put this message on a while ago, but it seems to have disappeared w/o posting.
I found this bug in my open garage. Then the next day I found another one there smashed by a car. Should I let this creature go, kill it, or be very afraid?

Thumbnail by goldhillal
Minot, ND

A mating pair of stick insects (aka walking sticks) - just beware of this species -

(Crystal) Waverly, AL

Woweee! You might not could tell from my picture, but mine had a male riding on top. I had it in a coffee can all this time and checked it again. According to your reference, it eats crepe myrtles, so I put it back out on mine in the yard. I thought walking sticks ate other bugs, so this is a new bug and new info for me. Thanks so much!

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