BIG FLY want an ID

Victoria, Canada

I was wondering if you could tell me what this fly is that I found while out hiking. I had just been stung twice by a wasp and a hornet and this was the last thing I wanted to see but was very interested in what it is.
Its very hot and dry there in the summer typicaly but a storm was on the way in.
This fly seemed quite docile at this time.
This was on July 13th 2013
It was by Lytton BC, canada
It seemed to have a metallic like blue abdomen and was quite large , over an inch.
with a patch of short black hairy fur bhind the eyes which were also black
As far as i can find it looks like a blow fly but much to large and has dark to black wings.
At first i was thinking some sort of horse fly?

Thumbnail by dex_323 Thumbnail by dex_323
Minot, ND

This fly does look somewhat like a male black horse fly (Tabanus atratus) -, but the abdomen looks more like that of a bot fly in the family Cuterebridae -

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