Can you please help me name this Bug

North Ipswich, Qld, Australia


Hi All,

I have this bug in my garden, by the MILLIONS!

Can anyone tell me if it is a GOOD BUG or a BAD BUG?

There are thousands of them everywhere.


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Merino, Australia

Deb, looks like one of the Harlequin bug family. I have similar here. I had them by the millions once but they seem to have decreased a lot now. They come out in the warm weather. I never noticed any problems with the plants at all though.
Too many to spray so I just left them . You may get more being in a warmer climate.

North Ipswich, Qld, Australia

Thanks Jean,
Yes there are thousands of them and they live deep down between the leaves of my Broms too.
Like you said, just too many to spray but if they do not hurt the plants, then its ok.
I appreciate the news of them not hurting the plants because I wouldn't know what to do. lol
Thanks again my friend,

Merino, Australia

I cannot say for sure that they dont hurt any plants Deb, but I have found that they dont bother mine. It may be that they like other plants . I get many of the larger Harlequin bugs too , and they also dont seem to bother the plants. If they do eat anything, it must be in very small bites .

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