The mysterious vanishing carrot sprouts...

Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

It has been several weeks now since i have attempted sowing carrot seed for an autumn harvest. the first attempt didnt produce many seedlings, so i put down another helping of seeds, and these started doing better and were starting to get true leaves. But then i have been noticing that, one by one, they are just totally vanishing, not even any leftover munched leaves, and no marks in the ground where they may have been dug or pulled out.

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

Slugs or snails, perhaps. When I have seedlings "vanish" a dose of Sluggo tends to correct the problem for the next batch. That said, I have a rabbit fence, and rabbits are also quite effective destroyers.

Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

yes the veggie bed i put these in is also fenced, plus an "anti carrot fly" net was also put over the carrot sprouts, so slugs were definitely a background suspicion, but wanted to make sure with you guys first, lol.

I did set out some of those home made beer traps nearby the carrot sprouts (thankfully dad keeps some in the fridge, lol), poured some into a couple of disposable plastic cups, now just to wait to see what i get.

Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

by the way, how early can carrots be fertilized? (just to get a boost of growth going)

Hummelstown, PA(Zone 6b)

can use a little liquid miracle grow with watering...or can put a general use fertilizer(10-10-10) down at any time. The key is to not put too much all at once, especially when young.

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