BST - Pupae has fallen & can't get up

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

One of my BST cats did its thing. I noticed it was gone yesterday only to discover it laying, fully transformed, at the bottom of its enclosure.

I didn't want to touch it in case it wasn't finished with the process.

I have had other BST overwinter where tethers have thru wear and tear fallen with out my notice. They have emerged on their own despite being grounded.

Any thoughts on how to rig pupae in upright position - maybe settle it upright in the center of a nice parsley plant so it is supported on all sides and can pull itself out?

I tried something last year with thread which I seemed to inhibit the bfly when it emerged, and it was not successful.

I have at least 7 days to figure something out.


Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

I do not know so this is just a wild suggestion -
Maybe loosely prop it up in something soft and flexible, like dry sphagnum moss?

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

If it still has some silk attached to the chrysalis you can pull that silk carefully and pin it to a piece of upright styrofoam or something similar so it can hang when it emerges.

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)


When I picked it up the other day it looked like the silk had come undone when it shed the last time. It was balled up at its "feet."

One of the BST last fall wintered on an upright stem in the middle of a parsley plant. So this one I simply dropped down into the bouquet of fennel stems remaining from feeding the last cat. It looks snug and should be able to pop thru the top.

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