I've been invaded! By what..?

Halsey, OR

These little flying critters have arrived in swarms over the past week... they are on everything... and seem to be devouring my green beans, basil, lettuce, borage, & cilantro... they're tiny, maybe 1/8-1/16 of an inch & speedy as heck. They take off upon approach, or with the slightest disturbance... ideas as to what they are, if they'll cause major damage to my garden... & any preventative measures? Thanks!!

Thumbnail by Triona Thumbnail by Triona
Minot, ND

These are plant bugs in the family Miridae; likely tarnished plant bugs, a serious pest species - http://local.garden.org/Tarnished_Plant_Bug_Oregon_OH-r1216626-Oregon_OH.html

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