4 Obstacles to Decluttering & How to Beat Them Part 2

Newark, DE

We came from here -


Just had to start a second thread because we were having so much fun that our posts were too many. If you are new - please join us. Everyone here is wonderful, dealing with clutter (and life in general) issues, but trying to seek the humor in all things too. I started the original thread and this one. I am not one who feels we "must stay on topic". To me, we are a great bunch of women, working through a lot of different issues but always supporting one another, so don't be afraid to post whatever is on your heart because we are all supportive of one another.



Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Debbie - I FORGOT to tell you... I BOUGHT a new shower rod. Made good sense that my collapsing rod that did fine since 2000 had gotten 'tired' and the failure was due to metal fatigue and not a crazy attention seeking spirit! Got the new rod up and looking real pretty. Yea!! About a half hour later - it fell down. Gave it one more chance -- up nice and tight. Down it came. Later that day.


Glad you are getting some function back and glad you started Part II
I don't know how you do it with one hand. I made eggplant parm and a white clam sauce ahead of time and it needed three hands. Two messy endeavors.

Newark, DE

Holly - thanks for the kind words on the end of the old thread. I appreciate it. You are right, therapy itself is exhausting just getting ready, driving there, going through the torture......er......I mean .....therapy, and driving home. I have the "bionic brace" as everyone calls it on which is more stable, but I am still limping which is causing my other knee to hurt. Both have had surgery so neither is great. I will have to pay attention to my steps and try to make them slow and more upright before that one gets worse. After the fall on 7/8 I did use a cane a few days but that was weird because I had the cane in the left hand for the right knee due to the right wrist shattered. I had to pay attention to get it timed with the other foot.

Rosie - so sorry to hear about the new shower rod not working. I know they do suffer metal fatigue over time and then won't hold tension well, but with the new one doing the same?? I think it is time to sit down and have a serious talk with your house spirit and tell him to leave it alone! I just had a thought, maybe he was talking to you and saying - "hey, you've had this shower curtain up for a while now since no one uses this bath and I'm getting tired of it - can we have another one?" If you need me to send you some white sage to burn for a house cleansing, Dmail me your address, and I'll send it. As for the shower curtain rod, I guess the only other thing is to get one that you permanently screw into the wall.

Oh I have some use now of the right hand and fingers and why I am trying to come back here. It's not all the way and my fingers don't always hit the right keys, but I try to catch the mistakes as I go. I have missed y'all a lot and all the fun stuff we shared. I read along every few days and often wanted to say something but it was just too difficult to do one-fingered, lefthanded.

There are some things more important to learn to do left handed. The first and most important challenge was learning to wipe my butt left handed!!! Now; it might not be so bad for most people but I have some herniated discs in my lower back and twisting toward the left is more painful. The right hand was useless and so pain or no pain I hand to be left handed. Then there came the bill paying. True many can be done online, but not all. And there were release forms for surgery and so on. Surprisngly, my left handed handwriting, even in cursive, became not only legible but not bad. I impressed the nurses so it wasn't just my imagination.

Thankfully, Dave is healed enough to cook and he cooks well, so I am relieved of that duty along with the dishwashing since that takes too long at standing. I do pick up stuff on my way home from therapy often to cut down his dinners he has to make. I got us subs today and maybe Friday I'll get some KFC which is a drive-thru (yay) plus we always have leftovers. I love "2-fers". I am not much of a seafood person but your eggplant parmasean - YUM! I wouldn't mind some of that myself.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Debbie - I have to say this. I thought about not saying it. Then I thought - heck, I have NO loyalty to her Dave-- so here is a heads up. IF you do not master that left hand butt wipe maneuver - Dave is sure to have a relapse. He will NEVER admit to being even close to being able to help you with your toileting. If I am wrong -- then send that man over here and he can set an example for my John -- or sell him on Craig's List (worth a fortune) and you can hire a cook and housekeeper and gardener!

Is the pain a sharp stab with exertion and quiet when not - or are you stuck with a chronic ache? 24/7?

I don't know what the deal is with the curtain rod. The new one was tight enough for a monkey to swing from it – but it was another tension style.
What other little spirit gets a hand painted curtain and rarely has to share a room? Dr. Phil says avoid getting into battles but if you do - WIN. And so, I am not changing that curtain.
So, sunflower seeds in a neat pile on the center of the rug in that bedroom means what - "I don't like the rug??"
I can get sage here - THANKS! But I think that is saying "get lost" and after 13 years..... We just have to learn to play nice. I don't want to trade a wet bath floor for empty nest syndrome! (Grin)

Sounds like everyone is in a fizz about the technical/ format changes to DG messing up their visuals. I can certainly understand that being a drag. If we can't see full lines or have to hand scroll side to side to read and if photos and information is lost..... Not getting what is being paid for. I had some trouble at first but since mostly using IPAD changes are fine for me. Been trying to give suggestions for the next big fix because some long-standing members are making 'I am going to leave permanently' sounds. I would hate for that to happen. So many years of accumulated knowledge tied up in those folks plus they enjoy DG or they would not care enough to stick around arguing. The administrators are doing their best. Frustrating for all. I hope it gets resolved soon.

Newark, DE

LOL - Yup he is worth a fortune and not for sale or trade. I have not asked him for help with that and wouldn't unless there was no other way, but yes, he would even do that if I needed him to. He did wash my hair for me the first 2 weeks when my arm was in a cast from the ER and then surgery and it couldn't get wet. He has put me into the shower and washed everything when I had the complete abdominal hysterectomy (it turned out they did even more interenal work while in there too), so he can be the nursemaid. But I don't want to abuse it. I have done a lot for him too with his double neck fusion and most recently the double lumbar fusion. We both try to do all we can for ourselves, but if needed they other will do whatever is needed.

No, the pain is chronic. The last MRI showed 3 herniated discs in the lumbar area. One is compressing on the nerves for the left side and the pain runs down that butt cheek. Another is pressing on nerves to the right leg which makes the outside, front and part of the inside thigh numb, tingly, feels like cold water is on it and pain all at the same time, when I stand for very long. They are not pressing on the spinal cord yet but they have gotten worse. So I voted to wait until Dave gets his surgeries and heals up. He has no choice as he was injured at work and must follow their schedule. If things change and I have no choice, then I will proceed. He has had both surgeries and is comng along well so we shall see.

I hear you about your spirit buddy. Most people would think we are nuts and if they do, so be it. I say they are simply not sensitive enough to see, hear or pay attention to the messages given or they would know it is real too, because they are everywhere. I literally live on a battlefield and have several here. Most are fine and like you we have a understanding to occupy the same space. They do their thing, mostly little stuff or stealing shiny items, but they do return them when asked to do so (turning up in the strangest places so I KNOW I didn't put it there that it was them). I think it is their way to make their presence known &/or play tricks. As long as they have attention they are fine. I did have to sage the place once as one refused to play nice and became quite destructive. I told the others they could return and they have, but the trouble maker is gone. Thank goodness!!

Haha - the seeds on the rug could have been another decorating critique but it could also have been a message....like a storm is coming and the bird feeders are empty. You have to try to think about what they are doing and why, because quite often there is a message to it. They do things like that if you can't hear them. I have given the shower curtain some serious thought beyond the silly decorating thing. I don't know, but if it were me, I would do some investigating. You said it is a guest bath and is very seldom used - so is all the plumbing working correctly in there? Is there a chance it has been long enough for the air to have evaporated the water in the traps, allowing sewer gases to come up the pipes being a danger to you? Is the rug in that room a non-slip so that if used, no one would fall? Check everything, flush, run water to make sure the traps are full in the tub and sink, double check the rug then see if he continues. It is worth a try especially if he is trying to tell you about a problem. Having a 13 year relationship will make them very protective of you and seriously the messages could very well be for your benefit and those around you (like the birds, squirrels that live there or any potenial guest) They care for the place as if it is theirs too. I guess in some ways it is, if they reside in the same space, we just have to realize it, which is not easy for some. This is what I have learned through the years to be true so I'm not just saying it. That said, they do play games too and it could be just his latest game. They do warn of dangers too, though I wish they had done something to tell me to leave that dang vine alone!!

I have seen the DG changes and at first it was a real mess, but they seem to be fixing the bugs as they go and I have had no real problems. When I wasn't posting, just reading, I went to a few other forums. In one of them the one topic I was interested in cut everything off and you couldn't slide it sideways. I know there is a thread in some forum where everyone is whining about stuff but instead, I sent an email to admin with the specific topic in which specific forum and clearly explained the problem. The found it was due to an extra long embedded link. They fixed it and I was emailed the next day. So I believe they are working at it. I have had no other problems on this desktop or my tablet. Some people however, are never happy and so it wouldn't matter what DG did they will still whine about it. While reading the thread I saw people were changing this setting and moving that setting - geez, they have really made trouble for themselves because they couldn't give the admin a little time. It seems admin is not a big corporation or even a lot of people either. I think I read it is only 2 women on here, so people should back off and give them a chance, in my opinion.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Well, I was hoping for you the sharp stabbing pain stat says "STOP THAT" I have had both and to me your kind is worse.

I just finished sautéing BATCHES of mushrooms . Costco is great -- but the veggies could come in smaller sizes than "army!" The fridge was stuffed because ....well....it was stuffed, and partly because it is a freezer on the bottom - death knell to fridge space (to me anyway.) Now it is full of storage containers of fried mushrooms-- does that count as decluttering??? I will use some this weekend for sure. I will fry or grill mango and or peaches to carmelize the fruit (love fruit with a sugar burn) and mix with the garlicky mushrooms for a fish topping and I will use some of the mushrooms in a frittata .

I sort of agree with you Debbie about all the grumbles that go on with change. But this time not so much. If I had to scroll across each line of text - or open a discussion that I have been tracking - and make changes on computer JUST to read it...go to another thread and discussion and make the very same or different computer changes...and it was ongoing...I think it would be intolerable. I say that because my husband's internet via cell phone does that and it is a royal pain.
DG Files go missing and lots of folks keep their photos and journals on the database. I don't think gone forever by any means but still can be frustrating if trying to access. The main thing is administration asking folks who are not technically savvy to check this and change that on computer. Maybe can't be avoided but still not good service. What I do chuckle at are the comments about being a subscriber should net some different treatment. I think the yearly fee is not meaningful to the site owners. It is the numbers of members that matter-- and if you leave in a huff -- or just leave - I think you still get counted as a member and that translates to $$ income as the site is marketed to advertisers. Not saying that is what owners want you to do (leave or be dissatisfied) and that they are not trying to fix -- but in the great scheme of things if folks that don't like or won't or can't accommodate to change leave....well it is just rooting out dead wood - and a pool of folks that probably have old systems that cause headache for the tech folks. I have worked too long not to have run into that sort of 'renewal' 'need fresh ideas' and 'new blood' sort of thinking. Trouble is in business lots of the people who have the experience and the answers and know the shortcuts and the bugs and have outside customer relationships end up going and then the business gets rocky. I hear because of that senior (forced) exodus that seniors are being recruited back into the workplace.

Crozet, VA

I guess that being too preoccupied to do much at Dave's has served me well, because I know so little of the changing and the grumbling.....have heard it in two different places now today though.....

We will see....I have been a member of Dave's for going in to about eight years now......I took a breather for a year or two some years back and did most of my computer time on Facebook........I guess it is now at least two years later and I now come to Dave's and very rarely go to Facebook......I know that upon returning to Dave's after not posting that time I returned to an almost completely overhauled entity.....there had been some major political things occurring, and thankfully I missed it and didn't have to choose between two places and have always just stayed with Dave's.....many of the people that I had really enjoyed before were no longer here and had gone to the new site and since then, I haven't heard from several of them, though there were enough of the former chatters here from before, that I felt comfortable after a while and hadn't even thought of the uproar I came back to once, but according to the news of today, something strange may occur again.

Anyway.....glad to have you back with is Debbie.......Rosie, I can't recall specifically, but several of your comments had me laughing out loud.....that is the kind of reading I like to do......enjoyable.

Here is hoping that everyone has a great weekend.....


Newark, DE

Morning gals - okay almost good afternoon...

Rosie - I would think de-cluttering the army sized 'shrooms from the fridge to the freezer counts as de-cluttering. Heck with my limited capacity lately, I feel good when I toss the junk mail out and pretend I did something really impressive.

It's not much but I have managed to do a few things even while hurt. I have been trying to stay off my knee as much as possible especially after the violent second fall. That really puts a damper on what I can do while sitting on my butt. However there are some items now gone and a few put away. I had a stack of VCR tapes of movies I recorded the last couple months when they offered Free premium channels for the weekend a couple times. I watched them and also went through a stack of VCR tapes that were sitting by the TV to make sure I had watched whatever I had taped. I rewound them all and they are now back where they belong. A few months ago when we were at step-son's I borrowed 2 huge CD albums (each hold 100) and literally a shopping bag full of DVD's. Most of the CD's were not anything I liked, but some were. So I went through them all, ripped and burned copies of the ones I liked. I returned both albums the next time he stopped by. I have now finished watching all the movies I borrowed except for 3-4 which Dave wants to see too. Yup I gave that shopping bag to him the other day and it is gone! My brother lent me some magazines last summer that I had intended to read in the cold snowy winter - which we never had last year. So I spotted them. I went through half, reading what interested me and skimming the rest. I then thought of the many magazine holders I have around here that I have decided not to use or keep the magazines. So, I dug one out of one of my "black hole bedrooms" - without getting lost in there I might add, and put the magazines in it. I was stuffed full, but I slid it ,with all the magazines in it into a gracery bag that I could carry one handed. When I went to physical therapy I dropped them off at his house. They are all away for the summer and I have to get their mail, check on the place and so on anyway and I do so when I go to PT. I then went through the rest, found another magazine holder and dropped the second bag off on another trip to PT. So not only are all those magazines gone, but 2 holders too. I have gathered all my Smithsonian magazines together and as I go out, I take a bag of them to my truck (I don't want to make the 3 steps down to the garage floor more than I have to).They have some awesome articles that are timeless and since there are so many (50 - 100) I might try an ad on Craig's List for $25 or something. I see many people selling lots of magazines on there, so who knows? If I get a buyer and they sell, great. If not, then I will see about donating them to Goodwill or at least drop a couple here and there at doctor's offices, PT wherever. I just can't throw them away like a regular magazine. (maybe it is a mental problem I have?) Anyway, in the grand scheme of things it is small bites, but they were all time consuming jobs and probably something I would have put off if not having to be on my butt so much. So albeit small stuff I feel good about doing at least something and at least I can tell they are gone.

I can't say anything about the problems you discussed regarding the website. I haven't had any but the one I mentioned. Then again, I don't keep my pictures, nor a diary/journal or whatever on here. I can understand the scrolling being a pain but I haven't come across any where I had to do that. Perhaps my computer, though old and running on Vista, the other on WindowsXP, is new enough to compensate. Or perhaps because they are old they work and newer OS computers have problems. I don't know....LOL Oh I haven't had any problems with my tablet and this site either and of course it is Andriod based.

Ruby - most of what you missed was the website coming up weird and there were a lot of spaces to get down to the forum listings, then when you'd go to the forum the box for the posts were sometimes the space they are like now, sometimes narrow and long, and apparently some were too wide for the space provided. I think they are still tweaking a few things but as far as I can tell it is running okay. I can't say about the things Rosie spoke of because I don't use them. She knows more than I there. Yes some people were ticked off about it, but then again when can anyone ever suit everyone? Ain't gonna happen. I'm with you though..... on to more laughter and fun sharing our ups, downs and sideways with each other ..... all in a loving, supporting way.

Have a great weekend all!

Bedford, VA(Zone 7a)

Hello, hope you are all doing well today! I saw some of the problems with DG a few days ago but it all seems to be fine now, at least as far as I can tell. I don't post pictures or save any lists, I tired that once and it was just too much typing, LOL!

I know someone mentioned smudge sticks on here, I am in need of one to cleanse the new room and redo the house, could I get a link or web address for a trustworthy seller? I made the mistake last year of buying frankincense from an online seller and it was expensive and definitely not the same quality I used to get at an herbalist in Delaware. Unfortunately, I am in the backwoods now, herbalists and others are not welcome in these here parts. I tried to grow white sage once but I think it was too humid here.

My Dh had out up our marriage plate from a pottery (name, date of wedding) on the wall of the new room and believe me, when he puts things up, they stay! Well, the plate came down this morning and broke into a million shards. Luckily neither BobDog nor either of us was sitting in that spot.

Something kept nudging me to get a smudge stick these past few weeks and I just kept putting it off, so now I pay the price. Luckily the pottery in PA is still making plates so we can order another one online for delivery but I am so glad I didn't put anything else up there!
Thanks for any suggestions,

Newark, DE

Hi Terri -

I know someone who has a store that sells those kinds of things and I can get them wholesale. If you want me to get them, et me know if you want some small ones like 2 inches or if you want the larger (about 6") and I'll get you a price. I can get them cheap and if you want to pay for them plus whatever the postage is, I can mail some to you. If so, just Dmail me what you want and your address and I'll get you a price. If you'd rather go through a website, that's fine. I will ask where they get them, but you would then be paying retail.


Oh yeah and they also have abalone shells and feathers too if interested in the whole thing (though not needed to cleanse). They also have sweetgrass if you want that.

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

That wasn't Foltz Pottery by any chance, was it, Terri? They do redware, and I used to have a small collection that sold for a small fortune on eBay when I moved.

Bedford, VA(Zone 7a)

Hi Summer! No, it was Eldreth pottery in Lancaster and Oxford, PA locations. I used to live in Oxford and it was very close to my house.

Just checked their website, boy their prices sure have gone up! I love the salt glazed pottery, the redware is nice too.

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Yes but HEAVY. And not exactly durable. That's why I sold mine. I'm not really a collector, per se, no knick-knack weaknesses like a lot of people here complain about. No rhinos or elephants or figurines whatever. But I can fall head over heels for certain art types, that's for sure. Where one person might buy 40 tiny chicken-y things, I bide my time & pick up a handful of beautiful representations.

I so worried about selling my Foltz pieces because each was so carefully chosen & back then, in my 20s, 30 bucks for a plate was quite the investment ... but I was SO relieved once it was done. They weren't practical & I don't live in a colonial farmhouse. Hmmm ... maybe I should take a close look at my Riverside glassware. It displays beautifully. Do I ever use it? Not really. But check it out:


One thing I've let go will always be mourned. The attached picture is of Luna, my only horse ever, and she was perfect. Have you ever seen a more beautiful animal? She is 12 now, I suppose.

So I know better to never sell my Haitian art paintings, even though it is a museum-quality collection that is worth six times what I paid back in the '80s. If my house were on fire, first of course I would make sure all the animals were out, then I would grab those paintings & sprint out the bedroom door, that is how much they mean to me. My own artwork would be left behind.

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

She sure is pretty.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Luna looks like our Rosie! Just beautiful

Will you post an example of the Haitian art? I would love to see. Our pottery collection is 99% representation of NC potters. But, it is difficult to display pottery. My daughter and DIL like it and so I try to hold on so I can give to them as they have space. Not wanting to do that if will end up in a closet waiting for a 'someday' home. I should say I'd save the Jean Jack or Bill Firestone paintings or haul out the safe away from the flames or something smart like that -- but the absolute truth is that I would save the little ghost made from a tissue and a cotton ball --- made all those years ago by the kid that said he would 'grow up' and marry me once his father 'grew down.' And, I would save Rosie's eviserated and dilapidated stuffed groundhog toy that still faintly smells like her.... Oh my goodness I am getting weepy. Not a good way to start a very busy Friday. Where's the bleach...where's my Windex??

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Newark, DE

Awww...Rosie ....you are a woman like me. Obviously all the people which includes the 4-footed ones would be first, but I too would save the irreplacable things. Sure, I would hate to lose some expensive things, collectable things, my art and especially my thousands of dollars worth of cameras and other photography equipment, but in the end that stuff is just...... stuff.

The first thing I would grab would be my Mother's Bible with all her notes and highlighted passages and if time the family photos.

Don't worry about being weepy. A few tears are good for the soul and once you get over that, you are left with the good memories. ^_^


Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I know.

For years I had Fridays off and Rosie was my Friday companion. Fridays are still hard very hard for me. But, sometimes.......I feel her right behind me.

She was hilarious....I am a real klutz - I cannot walk outside without tripping over -- well, anything really -- but roots are a big problem. We'd be walking the trail around the property - her up ahead of me .. snuffling - and she'd stop dead ...and look behind for me... (always knew to look down and not up) and there I would be ass up to the sky --chin in the leaves. She'd get that "well get up, dust yourself off, and look for ticks!" face and wait patiently for me. Sometimes I wondered if she thought it was MY snuffling style!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Debbie ....I DID NOT say I would save the people first. YOU are much nicer than me. I might actually be spied dragging a few TOWARDS the flames.

Newark, DE

You feel her behind you.... because she IS!!!

I can just imagine Rosie's thoughts....."silly human can't even walk a path without falling down." Hey I can't say much in that matter with my recently accident followed by two more falls.

No I said I WOULD, but you do what you have to do, just don't get caught LOL

Crozet, VA

Hi Gals - yep, Friday again.......I haven't worked outside of the home for years and years but I still like it when Friday rolls around....that means a couple of days that belong only to me......

Debbie, I think you are doing a great job in getting things gone under the circumstances.....you know what they say about getting lemons don't you? You make lemonade of course.....and you seem to be doing that......a little at a time and it will eventually be done......I have used smudge sticks in the past, but haven't had one for some time now.....I might get you to get a couple for me too Debbie...I will let you know.......I will use it after the house is all painted, nice and shiny.....

Ladies, I have been keeping myself occupied by tending two spare bedrooms now that Tucker moved out.....Tucker left a few odds and ends sitting that need to be stored somewhere.....one is a very large screen TV and I think it will fit in the back of his closet and still have some storage space in the closet for other things.......While going through items in the plant room I am finding all sorts of craft materials that I have purchased or saved from the past and I am hoping to soon have a few minutes to begin working on some of the projects I have put off for months now.

I have about two more weeks of watching two children some afternoons.....then it will be one for the school year and then he will start school too. I won't know what to do with all the extra time that will clear for me.....

Along with an elephant collection, I also have a load of glassware and pottery.....not many pieces of anything in particular, but a few odds and ends that I like....Terri, you mentioned being a bottle collector a while back and having a particular maker you are looking for......this week in one of our finds we found two soda bottles that were new to us called Kelly......John looked it up on ebay and found only one that had a price of eleven ninety nine on it.....I will do some research on my own at some point and find out where they were made and things such as that.....

I finally started making some phone calls this week in order to get the word out that my hubby and I will be looking for a commercial rental some time soon. We will take our time getting exactly what we want this time and one thing is to be closer to home so it will be easier getting to and from the shop.....hoping that will work out for us before too very long......

I hope that everyone is having a good day and that your weekends are great for you too.....take good care all.


Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Thanks for the up date Ruby. I haven't been doing much inside. I did spend two days working on edging along the side of the house. This is the area I call the Secret Garden because you walk thru an arch in the clipped hew to enter it. I have more edging to do in that area but this whole run is done and finished. I used construction adhesive to glue the bricks together so it should stay where I put it. Before and after pics what a big difference it makes.

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Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Looks great Holly

Ruby - how many of us get two rooms of real estate back into commission? Fix one up just for your crafts!

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

That does look really nice, Holly. Glad you took before photoz ... I never remember that part.

Rosie, there are roughly 6 "schools" of Haitian painting -- everything from impressionist to naive & sometimes tied to locale -- plus what they call "market art," the stuff that gets churned out for tourists. Bright & pretty but ...

The blossoming of the island's artists dates to 1944 when an American teacher became enamored & dedicated his life to fostering opportunity for them. I picked up my pieces in the '80s, so they would be considered 1st- and 2nd-generation painters, the ones who were least influenced by outsiders. Will try to get some pix posted, but you can Google: Seymour Bottex, Wilson Bigaud, Yvon Jean-Pierre, Yves St. Quitte or Gerard Fortune to get an idea.

Yeah, I know what you're all thinking. "Haitian art ... who knew?"

Newark, DE

Love your secret garden Holly!

It's all very pretty but what struck me is the two rows of bricks with the outbound one flat. I like that idea because I could run the lawn mower wheels on that row of bricks to get all the grass, eliminating the need to come back with a trimmer! You're one smart cookie!! - or like me, looking for ways to eliminate work and I hate running the trimmer (well my back does anyway) Since I got hurt I've not been able to do either. Dave is not supposed to do so yet, but he has run the tractor, the trimming just goes undone. Bummer.

Summerkid - that's a shame -
"Rosie, there are roughly 6 "schools" of Haitian painting -- everything from impressionist to naive & sometimes tied to locale"

I hope the "naive" students were not used for their talents for someone else's profits, though that seems the way of the world. Hopefully they made something worthy of their work.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

The art form is very much a folk art. Years ago I found an artist from South America that was quite good and wondered if the designation of 'naive' for the work still fit!

Likely the artist did not have formal training but with the level of success achieved, I think there comes a sophistication and perhaps commercial savvy that may bump out of that category?

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Yes, lovetopaint, Haitian artists are celebrated round the world & it has offered many of them a way out of poverty. Whole families have prospered via their talents & the torch has passed to succeeding generations. I'm not sure what your point is.

Please, if you care, look up Gerard Fortune. When he first started painting, I was able to buy his works on masonite board for $150 at a gallery in Key West. Now, I'm considering plunking down 900 bucks apiece for the 1st 2 paintings on the listing page: http://haitian-art-co.com/artists/gfortune.html

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Another benefit of the art movement in Haiti was that the DeWitt guy who first brought the artists (and not just paintingz -- sculpture, voodoo flags, sequin art) to prominence established several actual institutes. So yeah, they are for art, but a school is a school is a school.

And after the earthquake, tons of galleries had sales & raffles from which the proceeds went for aid, thereby tapping a customer community that might not have responded otherwise. I know of two brokers who were so worried for some artists' safety, in the absence of all communication, that they actually went to the island to check on them.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I wish I could find more in our own Appalachia

Not too many Grandma Moses floating around in the barns,
We have a fellow here (or close) name escapes - he will paint on anything - furniture, boots, hats, tools and like your fellow - started out with very low prices but now ----- unaffordable. Elderly - wears a highly painted top hat. Very quirky - but he is a savvy old dude!

My daughter seeks similar from New Orleans.
I am going to check out sequin art - that is a new one for me.
Here are a few from international site .

Thumbnail by missingrosie Thumbnail by missingrosie Thumbnail by missingrosie Thumbnail by missingrosie
Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I looked up some of the Haitian Artists you mentioned and very much liked some of the work and even recognized a few of the paintings. Not sure were I would have seen them maybe just on line but they were familiar.
The Secret Garden is a small area along the side of the house between the house and the Veggie Garden. We are slowly trying to work it into a more formal space. There is a small arbor and the beginnings of a variegated boxwood hedge to separate the SG from the Veggie Garden. From the front you enter it thru an arch in the clipped hew. Right now that arch doesn't look like much as it is in bad need of trimming. The back enters the lower back yard which is fenced in for the dogs.
Here are a few pics to give you a better idea of the area. I will be doing the same edging treatment in front of the boxwood hedge and around that empty raised bed. Plus there are a few other little things that we have planed for this area.

Thumbnail by HollyAnnS Thumbnail by HollyAnnS Thumbnail by HollyAnnS
Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Wow, so lush & private. And the tasks you're knocking out right now will just tip it in! Very impressed.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Thanks it really is coming along nicely. Those small boxwoods are finally starting to look like something they were very small plants 3 years ago when we bought them. I am really looking forward to seeing what they look like in another 3 years. I would much rather work in the yard than the house. LOL

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Ha ha! I got lucky today. Had my drunken landscaping "crew" doing stuff outside that I didn't want to do (like get stung by hornetz) and a new cleaning gal doing stuff inside that I didn't want to do (windowz!).

So I made soup & arranged roses, ate bon-bons, stuff like that.

Newark, DE

Wow Holly - it sure looks nice and I can see how much better it will be as you knock things off your list. Isn't it rewarding to sit back and admire but also feel proud of yourself for having done something like that with your own hands? I think so! You certainly have the vision for it girlfriend - it looks great!

Rosie - I'm with you gal. I like ALL the appalachian art, not just the paintings. The wood carvings, the music, quilts, heck even the ability to make something from nothing and it works as well as whatever was designed for the job! Maybe it is because my family is from there and we hope to move back soon, so I'll stick to our own too. But hey - that's why they make chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, plus a bunch of other flavors - to each his own.


Oh and Holly I forgot to tell you the daylilly you gave me turned out to be a burgundy color with a yellow center. I had Dave take the little camera out and get a picture of it for me (wrist and fingers weren't working at all at the time) I will try to load and post it later. It's gorgeous! Thank you again!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Holly what's that vine on the arbor?

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Here's a picture of my beloved Bottex painting. He is considered a master of the "naive" form. Trust me, lovestopaint, I did not cheap out on the man when I bought this little gem. So, still not sure where the "shame" lies.

Also, back on topic, a pic of my SO uncluttered dining room. LOVE farmers' market Sundays & their bountiful flowerz!

Thanks to having found a new & even better cleaning woman/organizer than Becca, plus my own considerable effortz, the rest of the house is starting to look like this. Well, not ALL 2,500 s.f. but .... getting there.

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

missingrosie, That is a Hychient Bean Vine, they are very pretty with small purple flowers and purple beans. We don't eat the beans but you could. That may not flower or produce beans this year we forgot to start the seeds this spring so we were really late planting them. There is a small cumber planted at the bottom so you may see a few leaves from that as well.
Loves, So glad you like the DL. It's a bit different but I like dark flowers.
Summerkid, That looks just beautiful, love the balls hanging from your chandelier.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Holly - 1 am familiar with the hyacinth bean. I LOVE the vine. The flowers are ok bit it is the fuschia bean pod and the heart leaves with the purple veins I love.

Summer - I do same with the chandelier. I changed it last year ( the fixture ) and can not do with this one. I see a Great Wall for your painting with those colors!

Crozet, VA

Well Holly - If you like balls and other ornaments hanging around a persons house.....you will absolutely love my place......in years past I have studied Feng Shui decorating but always had to stop because the first thing ever mentioned by any of the practitioners is that I needed to start with a de-cluttered space....Duh!!!! hasn't happened quite yet.....I have instituted lots of Feng Shui cures throughout my place, so am hoping they work to bring more of of the earth's elements into my home. That is quite an amazing two rooms summer....Love the feel of it all.....can only hope my house will be that minimal at some point in my life......

Can report that the long awaited house painting will begin tomorrow.....Hubby is out now purchasing supplies and a friend will come by tomorrow and help us get started....for now just Tucker's bedroom and bath, next comes the plant room.....but plant room walls need a good washing before applying paint......Also a lot of things to move out of plant room before accessing the walls too.

You all talking of paintings has left me with little to say......I am not an art collector, but do appreciate some images I see from time to time......I do know that we have an artist within our midst though and maybe for a quarter she will agree to share pics of some of her works....ahem......lovestopaint....live up to your name girl.

Well ladies.....I am heading out the door in a bit to attend a grave side service of my remaining aunts and uncles....My aunt Louise who was ninety died on Friday morning.....She was always a mighty presence wherever she entered....As a child I was always thrilled with the Christmas presents she brought for me......her gift was one I was always allowed to open on Christmas eve and that meant a lot to me......

Anyway......hope the upcoming week is a good one for all.....oh yeah, I have had the great pleasure of visiting Holly and Ric's home on two different occasions and I know I have said it before, but it bears repeating........they have taken their homestead and made it in to a place of their dreams and my dreams too should I care to wish for it.......they have their grounds done in a lovely and inviting way and visit there is always a pleasure......The back entrance to their family room and kitchen area is a wonderful place for a plant lover to live....two sliding glass doors in the family room and so inviting. Holly, you two have done some great work.......keep it up.


Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Thank you so much Ruby, Sorry to hear of your days plans. I am sure you will miss your Aunt very much.
I am going to do a little touch up on the molding in the bedroom, The door and doorway really need it bad and one of the window ledges. I am hoping that doesn't lead to repainting all the woodwork.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

My condolences Ruby. The strong and even the faint tethers we have to our past are precious and it hurts as they float away as we age.

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