Proper ID?

Arlington, TX

I think I bought this as scarlet bell. The shape is correct but the coloring is different from any plant I have seen. Is it another named cultivar or simply a little variation on the norm. I have never seen this color before.

Thumbnail by newtonsthirdlaw
Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Compare it to "Love bug".

Arlington, TX

Love bug looks redder to me (I have a small one). Also, the plant in the pic doesn't appear to have purpurea in its lineage. It definitely has the parrot pitcher and? This plant has the exact same shaped pitchers and outward growth of scarlet bell but its almost golden.

It also doesn't have the flared hood or upright growth.

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Arlington, TX

I have redbug and lovebug. I was just searching around and it looks like it might be "Doodlebug". How funny is that.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

I knew it was one of the "bugs"! LOL!

Arlington, TX

Too manby bugs but I do like them.

north coast nsw, Australia

Love the veiney colours in it!
Yeah Scarlet Belle has white in it from the Leucopylla. Its a cross with similar plants like Psittacina, maybe Purpurata. Heres my Scarlet Belle on the left.

Thumbnail by breeindy
Prosper, TX(Zone 8a)

Do they feed well in the yard or are they poor at catching prey?

north coast nsw, Australia

mine are aways full of bugs, wasps, moths

Arlington, TX

It's actually Dixie Lace. It is extremely vigorous and always looks good, highly recommend it.

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