Home Invasion: want to plant Miscanthus Zebrinus as shield

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 6a)

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We live in a nice neighborhood. People buy houses here at inflated prices just to get into our fab school system. So who would live about three doors down in the cul de sac? An ex-deputy Sherrif that was kicked off the force who is drunk 24/7, as is his wife, unemployed son in law and others on the premises. His wife is wheel chair bound because a few years ago, she fell down the basement steps and both he and she were too drunk to call for help for days.

Two days ago, on my daughter's 11th birthday, we found, in our back room (the door opens to a patio and then the yard), a 250 lb drunk/high filthy ZZ too bearded guy passed out in our dog's bed. Yet he was still ranting a bit which is how we found him.

My husband picked him up, threw him out the door as I called 911.

Surprise Surprise - this guy had been living with Gin Blossoms O' Methlab; moved in. He's the wife's brother. So, that was our new neighbor that broke into our house on my baby's 11th birthday. Howdy neighbor- mad that we hadn't brought over cheese dip and some African violets as a "welcome to the neighborhood" gesture?

The police said this guy lost the family farm by using it as a meth lab, that he's a three time loser and that he won't be out for a while. Sorry, but a) I wouldn't bet the farm on that last statement and b) he associates with meth users. My apologies to anyone who is dealing with this horror in their own family. But I have to protect mine.

I write all this to explain the urgency. Other than beefing up our locks, etc I wanted to plant some plants that would cut our house off from the drunk/meth house and also change the appearance of the backyard to perhaps stave off further stumbling into the wrong house.

I bought two giant miscanthua sinenensis Zebrinus to go on each side of the gate into our back yard. Problems:on one side, zebra grass would be fighting part of a chain fence on one side and on the other , the driveway. In other words, it has to be real tough like my spider wort and/or just be happy to grow horizontally . The other side, I'd have to dig up some bearded iris I love ( I have limited garden space and $)( I also have two daughters who if anything ever happened to them, I can't even imagine how I would go on) and transplant them.
So questions: I can't find online any mention of how deep a hole the zebra grass needs for planting. Do I just go with twice the size of the rootball? Might be a problem on side one.
- Am I asking too much of the zebra grass on side one - to fight all of those obstacles ?
- Will I kill my bearded iris , which are nice 2 year old plants that needed to be divided, by dividing them too early ?
I'm not even going to proofread this because I have only a few planting hours today and tomorrow so I need to make a decision .
So I hope this post makes sense. Thanks so much.

Fire NA Seapark

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

Sorry for the neighborhood. I don't know about rooting on the grass. I had some at (now) former home that had broken loose from a marsh during a flood. I thought it was miscanthus..but was relative..same feathery tops...roots Very hardy..spreading out with spine like tips..so had to keep it under control.
For your grass..even a couple of inches larger than clump would be good..unless it is rootbound..if so loosen it up and mud in in a bit larger hold. Add some extra compost if this is from a nursery and has perlite..needs more solid.
Do you have more than 3 fans per iris clump? If not, wouldn't divide..if more..would cut..let cut area dry and get them back in the ground..they would lose the fight with just about any grass.
At old house,,had wonderful thick bush,,that sparrows used as a club..lots of safety. Thick branches with pointy;;almost toothpick branches on larger branches..not thorns but close..no bugs except sometimes a few aphids..no disease..trims up nice if you want..glossy foliage that is burgundy in the fall.Does smell like dog poop after first frost hits and leaves fall..then just rake up and dispose of leaves. No way for someone to get through!! I am looking for one here... as a large tree needs to come down for safety reasons and I want to replace bird cover.
Blackhaw viburnum.
Bittersweet vine..grow well on fence..discourage travel..pokey branches. Trumpet vine..fast growing vine barrier.
I wish you the best of luck..Safety lights...might find sale or craigslist or freecycle.
Cross fingers and hope for eviction.
Take care.

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

glad that I found this again..I have some killer roses. A nice rambler rose (red blooms) and the killer one..small bouqets of dark pink nickel size blooms..the thorns turn back..kind of like barbs on fishhooks..if interested, would love to send you them for postage.
We have had killing frosts, but you look like you are 1-2 zones warmer, and I can cut back the taller canes!
Hope that things are going better for you.

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