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Cubanelle pepper problem

East Pittsburgh, PA

Some trouble with Cubanelle peppers. I have them in a raised bed. I purchased my plants from a local nursery at the end of their season (late start my seedlings didnt do well so i gave in) They were tall but sparse leaves. The roots were nice and white but crowded, loosened them slightly before planting. They flowered, two or three flowers a plant, but I read to pinch the early flowers to encourage more plant growth before producing fruit. We have had SO MUCH RAIN. They went downhill, the leaves were curled slightly and yellowing slightly. We did have a slight reprieve in rain, and in the last week it's been much cooler, and they have started to get new leaves at the bottom of the plants, on one plant I see buds forming in the lower new growth. I have used manure tea with Epsom salts, and jobes organic fertilizer. Not sure if its just time to yank them and think about doing a small fall planting of something to make use of the space, or to just let them go and see if they do anything now. Thank you.

Thumbnail by jinxxycat1 Thumbnail by jinxxycat1
Houston, TX

Is it hot enough for your peppers. My hot peppers only took of, when we got in the high 80s, better high 90s.

East Pittsburgh, PA

It's cooled off a bit the last few weeks, and that's when they started getting new growth? It had been in the 90s here.

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