Stupid question......

Hannibal, MO(Zone 5a)

What is the "location" header for in Journal entries?

Robertstown, Australia(Zone 10a)

Whatever you want to use it for, CK. I suspect most people put things like "Front Flower Bed" or "Large Blue Bowl" - I use mine for the botanical family the plant belongs to, sometimes followed by numbers, if I want to get really specific, because it gives me a shortcut way to group related plants within my larger categories; and I usually try to grow related plants near to each other. When you have a LOT of plants, sometimes you can't remember what you have done with them and then you can find a reminder of where you put them just the thing you need to have.

Give it a bit of thought, though. If you move your plants around a lot, you might not want to get too specific, because when you move them around, you will then have to go back and change your entries to match the new locations.

Ciao, KK.

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