Gull's help me I D please.


I took pictures on the beach yesterday of all 3 types of gulls I see regularly, cropped for close up view and off my phone so not contest winning photos but clear enough I hope for you to help me identify them. There are 2 photos of the white with grey wings because neither one was very good and I hope the 2 together will make it easier.

Thumbnail by Joeyk210 Thumbnail by Joeyk210 Thumbnail by Joeyk210 Thumbnail by Joeyk210
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

#1 - too poor quality pic to identify
#2 - Laughing Gull
#3 - Ring-billed Gull
#4 - American Herring Gull (subadult, probably 2 years old)



Thank you # 1 and 3 are the same bird, #4 was giving me a hard time because the pictures in my 2 books were not matching up right. # 2 I was afraid was not a laughing Gull and that is what I had listed on my year list. 2 more to add now. Then it is on to pigeons.

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