European or Wild Ginger

East Greenbush, NY

Am not sure which type of ginger I have, maybe both, just put in the plants this Spring.
They have some brown leaves now. We had both torrential rain and then a period of 90 degree weather for a week. I bought the plants unmarked at a garden club sale. Anyone know why the leaves are brown? F.McC.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Could be the plants went from one extreme to the other and lot's of water to boot.
Is there any chance you could send a picture of the foliage so we can all have a look at the brown spots, that would help better than giving you a half doz different maybe ideas.
Good luck , WeeNel.

Kensington, NY

I got some wild ginger at a plant swap this spring, I will try to post pics soon.

East Greenbush, NY

Thanks to all the wild ginger fans. Some of the leaves were 90% brown. It's looked a little better now that the weather has moderated, If you knew how bad I was with a camera you would want to see a pict. Thanks to all. AnnFran

Kensington, NY

Here is a picture of a plant I know is wild ginger.

Thumbnail by HeatherY

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