Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

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Waddy, KY

Glad you made a new thread, Bonnie. I thought about it a couple of times but didn't have the patience to make it up.

Baking today as usual. Got some peaches to process and picked 4 gallon of blackberries yesterday that I have to get in the freezer. Better get moving.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Celene, Congratulations on getting your braces off.
Sorry to hear about your plumbing nightmare.

Sue, Good Luck at the fair! Hope you and the kids have a good time. Our fair was last week. Some sick man put a chemical in some of the horses water pails. A boy noticed him pour something in his horses water pail and went to check and smelled a bleach smell. He was able to save his horse. A girls horse was not so lucky and had blisters in it's mouth and red swollen gums. The water pail smelled of chemicals as well. They know what the creep looks like but have not heard that they have caught him yet. Everyone took their animals home early before the fair was over out of fear. Makes me mad that some creep would try to hurt animals like that. Be careful with your kids goats at the fair. Sick people seem to be every where.

Marcy, Glad to hear your son is doing well. Hope he keeps up the positive outlook.
Sorry to hear about your ac unit going out.

Bonnie, Thanks for the new thread.

Have been busy keeping my son busy this summer. We have been to King Island and camping and fishing. The weather has been so nice. School starts back on the 21st so we are trying to pack as much fun in as we can.
Going fishing for a little bit so I better get going. Hope everybody has a blessed day.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Karen your son has a late start date for school compared to here. I talked to my niece tonight and she says her daughter starts on the 3rd. Seems like they only just got out.

Nothing much going on here, I am waiting for the corn and lima beans to get ready so I will have them to freeze. Lima beans are my favorite, and we haven't had any luck with them for the past 3 years, so glad to see that we have a bumper crop.

Janet, that is funny that I had to tell you about the restaurant closing, good gracious girl that is in your county not mine! You are probably like me, wouldn't have known it until you went there again. I just happened to see it in the Sentinel that my neighbor brought to me, as we don't take it. One time I went to a store in Frankfort and discovered that it had been closed for over a year! That was embarrassing.

I am wondering about Pat. Anybody heard from her?

Karen that is horrible about the horses at the fair. Yep, there are lots of crazy people out there and you need to be extra vigilant when you take animals anywhere. DH has had big Belgium horses for years and the meanness started with them at horse pulls many years ago. They would put illegal drugs into their water, in hopes that the state vet would check them after a pull. If they found drugs, they would be disqualified, and have to forfeit any prize they won, and would be banned from any sanctioned pulls for the remainder of the year. It was one individual and he was caught and was sent to jail. Forgot now what the charges were, but at any rate, he was a horsepuller, and he did that so that he would have a better chance of winning. One way to eliminate the competition.

Waddy, KY

Karen, that's pretty rotten, someone mean spirited enough to do that. Was it someone trying to take out the competition? You just can't leave anything to chance anymore. Used to you could leave something sitting and it'd be right there when you came back but not anymore.

Didn't get the blackberries in the freezer and didn't get the peaches there either. I'd intended to make strawberry peach jam but I'm running behind on the baking this week.

Kate's getting so excited about going to college. I'm going to miss the kid, and not because of all the work she does around here.... she's one of the best.

Waddy, KY

Funny, great minds work in the same manner.

Bons, I'd even driven up through main street and hadn't noticed. Course you'd better be watching traffic there on main instead of checking the windowfronts. Don't take the Sentinel anymore so didn't even see it there. Money better spent somewhere else.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

I don't take the paper, but my neighbor and I have been swapping papers, she gets my Henry Co Local and I get her Shelby Sentinel. Both could be read in 15 minutes and still not be any better off knowledge wise.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Bonnie, The 3rd seems so early to start back. They are starting back later this year than last year. Last year they went back on the 13th.
They have not caught the creep who hurt the horses at the fair yet. They know he is a white male with dark hair. That is all they know about him. Judging for the horses had already wrapped up. Guess it could have been a family member upset about loosing. Sure hope they catch him real soon. It was limited to the horses. My niece had her calf there and rabbits and had no problems. She won 1st place with her calf. Very proud of her she worked hard this summer.
What a dirty dog, drugging horses to try to win. Glad he went to jail. Hope he stays there.

Janet, Your so right about not being able to leave anything to chance.
What a fun time for Kate! Hope she has a safe and fun year at school.

Me and DS are off to the creek to play. Hope everybody has a Blessed Day!

Waddy, KY

Go to the creek. Not much of that done around here anymore. Used to if it got really hot on Sunday afternoons we'd fill up a couple tractor inner tubes and head for the creek. There's some places that it's shoulder deep . It's a good creek and about 35 years ago the county stationed trash dumpsters and later countywide trash pick up and you'd be amazed how much it cleaned up the creek.

Got most of the baking done. Got 4 more batches left. Dug the carrots and the kids are cleaning them. Should have dug a couple rows of potatoes but somehow most of my help has flown the coop so I think we'll just wash a crate of the ones we dug the other day and save the digging for Monday or Tuesday when the help is back. As it was, I dug over three fourths of the carrots. You'd think the 19 year old that was helping me could have dug faster but apparently that's not the case. This one doesn't mind kitchen work but ain't much on getting dirty.

Bonnie, that's a good trade on the newspaper. We quit taking the Lexington paper and so the neighbor brings it up every 2-3 days. We see all we want to of it.

Better get going. Still have to dig an order of daylilies to take to the Louisville market tomorrow. Would rather just sit here....

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Janet, We love to go to the creek and play around. There is places were clay is real heavy on the banks. We dig some out and play and mold things with it. It's messy and fun. We also like to look under rocks for crawdad's and catch them.
I'd rather get dirty in the garden then be stuck in the kitchen. Not that I mind cooking, just like working in the soil better. Not surprised you out dug a 19 year old. Your a hard worker and most kids don't seen to have it in them.
Good Luck at market this weekend!
Here are a few pics of some of my garden.
Pic #1 is cut leaf coneflower It's about 6' tall
Pic #2 is Cup plant just starting to bloom It's about 8' tall
Pic #3 South Seas daylily with white coneflower
Pic #4 funny looking bloom from Umbrella Parade 3rd one this year to look this way all on the same scape. Isn't that weird.

Thumbnail by taylordaylily Thumbnail by taylordaylily Thumbnail by taylordaylily Thumbnail by taylordaylily
Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Karen that sure is a funny looking bloom on that daylily. Don't know that I have ever had one like that.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Hey, folks, I didn't realize how long I'd been too busy to read and post! Bonnie, Thanks for missing me. I've had a "hurry up and wait" summer. No swimming pool yet, but I might have one by October. DS and DIL have their house on the market and have found the house they think they want to buy. It's a great house that's been neglected. It has more built ins and closets that any house I have ever seen, but they'll need it because there's no basement. And it's a lot farther away than I would like, but it's too good to pass up, unless the house inspector finds something really bad.

Celene, I was in Columbus a couple of weeks ago to see Forbidden Broadway with my younger sis and a couple of her friends. We all met first at the Bicentennial Waterpark and ate at a place there called Mile 229. The water park is spectacular! It was blazing hot that day and we sat and watched all the kiddos playing. Made me wish I'd brought my bathing suit. Cincinnati built what I thought was a great water park in Washington Square last year, but it looks like a drippy faucet compared to Columbus. After the play we went and ate at a place called "Pistachio Vera" with awfully fancy pastries--- but fancy ones that tasted great.

Marcy, If your son had to get cancer, then he picked a pretty good one to get. I'm betting that he'll do just fine. Eventually he'll need some treatment, and then take a while to bounce back, and then do fine for a good while again. That seems to be the course of things with CLL.

I saw my oncologist this week for my once a year checkup. This is my 20th anniversary, after being diagnosed with with a 75% chance of being dead within 3-5 years. I'm very grateful to be here even tho' I get frustrated with my limitations.

I haven't gardened as much as tried to kill all the weeds this year. I've declared war on anything with thistles. So far, they're winning!

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Well, today is the 3rd. It's Saturday. Do you think they might mean Sept. 3rd? Just wondering....

Been a lot of drama in my life this summer. Bill had a major problem on June 11th and spent 6 days in the hospital. Let's just say I'm lucky to still have him. Got out on the 16th and his Dad died on the 27th. Bill's doing well now, but still having some leftover "issues". He was a mess!

Thinking of you all, often!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Pat good to see you. I wasn't worried that something awful had happened, and knew probably that it was just a busy time of year for you. Aww on the swimming pool, if I were closer you would be welcome at mine any time. It hasn't been used much this year. DGD is too busy with school related things to be here much.

My weeds are winning too. I have decided that I will wait for a killing frost to clear my gardens this year!

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Well..good morning all! When Bonnie made this new thread, I was first on it...lolol..then before I could post, it all disappeared....grrrrrrr.
I was in a hurry so never did post...and now look!!!!
Big smilesss...just a little humor..sorta.
Celene...bet you're glad to get those braces off!
Heard about those horses being poisoned...what kind of sicko would do that???? Scary! If they do it to animals...look out!
Pat, Joyce, EVERYONE...so good to see you!
My gardens too, are full of weeds...and I just can't seem to get a handle on it this year!
It's either too hot or too wet or too dry to tackle weeds! Am I getting old or what??????
Shhhh....no answer needed!
When I was young...many years ago...we played in the creek a lot! Caught crawdads, fish...went wading...swimming....lookin under rocks. Great memories! Me and 3 boys...lolol.
I had no girls to play with...just my brother and two neighbor boys.
Yes...my son is doing good! The oncologist said with all the "good markers" he has...he could live a mostly normal life, as he has a very slow growing type..so that was wonderful news!
Ok...Dave said lets get a move on...I think that means ME!
Gonna try a couple of pics...my hydrangeas are just beautiful this year! You all have a wonderful day!!
First pic is Limelight hydrangea. 2. is a variegated wandering jew. 3. is two hydrangeas out in front garden...small one is peegee I think...not sure of other one? 4. is a huge coleus that I have in an urn...its not a kong...but sure is big. a piece broke off and I planted it in a pot..and its almost as large as this one! 5. is Carefree rose...second blooming this summer...I love that rose!

Thumbnail by Marcy_1 Thumbnail by Marcy_1 Thumbnail by Marcy_1 Thumbnail by Marcy_1 Thumbnail by Marcy_1
Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Marcy, could the other hydrangea in picture 3 be Little Lamb? I have a little lamb that is now as tall as the gutters. I gave it a hard prune this spring and it grew as if I'd put it on steroids.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Mmmm...anything is possible Pat...lol! Butt...I don't remember planting one with that name...which doesn't mean anything of course!!!
That big one was the very first I ever planted though...so may just be an older variety.
Most shrubs...when you cut them back...grow like gangbusters!!!
Welll...some anyway!

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Wow, Marcy>< Those are beautiful . Hydrangeas are my favorite. My was starting to bud out this spring when we got a heavy frost unexpectantly. It lost all it's buds . I really miss it blooming this year. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Joyce, Hope your DH is felling better! You sure have had a rough summer. How scary, glad you didn't loose him. Sorry to hear he lost his father. Hope things start to calm down for you. Sending Bill healing thoughts and you some peace and strength.

Bonnie, I had never had one bloom that way before. Would some kind of bug do that? One scape had 3 blooms that looked weird like that on it.

Pat, Congratulations on your 20 years!
Hope everything goes well with your DS and DIL's house buying.

Marcy, Your pictures are always so pretty. Your yard must be beautiful! I love your Hydrangea's and Rose bush and lets not forget your beautiful wandering jew. That is the biggest coleus I have ever seen. WOW!

Dispatcher, That is a real heart breaker to loose all your hydrangea blooms. Sorry to hear that! Hope it blooms like crazy for you next year.

Well I thought I had some Iris seeds. I went to collect them today and when I split the pod open it was full of earwigs. Yuk! I guess they ate my seeds not sure.
I do have some Baptisia australis seeds if anybody wants some. I can bring them to the fall RU if anybody wants any. I should have some peony seeds as well.
Better get going I have a pile of clothes to press off before I go to bed.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

I discovered Sunday that the bugs that I thought were sweat bees were actually ground hornets, who really don't want to be bothered. And I have about a dozen bites to prove it. Those stinkers stung me outside and then followed me inside until I could strip off all my clothes and jump into the shower. My sister killed half a dozen more. I ended up calling an exterminator who found two nests and charged me a fortune to poison them--- and it's worth every penny! Now I just have to stop flinching every time I hear a faint buzzing sound.

Kids have a contract to buy the house with all the built-ins, but won't close until the end of September.

My Little Lamb hydrangea looks like it has osteoporosis. The flower heads are so big that when we had all that rain last week, they just flopped down from the weight of the water. I'll probably cut them off & dry them. That bush is going to look weird no matter what I do.

Take it easy, y'all.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Good morning all. Wow Pat! Hope you are ok????????That's awful to be stung like that! Sorry about your hydrangea too. I have many hydrangeas...and ALL of them are just beautiful this year! In fact...ALL of the flowers seem to be going gangbusters this year! And so are the weeds!!!!!
It was 48 degrees here this morning when I got up! I think fall is on it's way...grrrrrrrrrrr! I am NOT ready for that! Summer just started...didn't it??????
It IS nice weather for working outside though...not too hot.
Ok...gonna get at it..have a great day!!!

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Pat, That's awful! Glad your alright.
Congratulations to your DS and DDIL on their house.
Sorry to hear about your hydrangea blooms flopping on you.

Marcy, This weather has been great! I have felt so blessed. Hope it stays this way for a while.

Hope everybody has a great time and enjoys the weather.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

I am recuperating, thanks. I'mstill a little gunshy outside... If a fly goes by I still jump a bit. The bites behind the knee are still visible, but the others have disappeared. Thank the Lord for benadryl and cortisone.
ds and I went to see movie last night. He chose a sci fi one called Elysium, and it was awful, so don't waste your money.
The pool contractor showed up friday! Plans on filing for the permits this week. I'll believe it when i see it.
I cut 20 big flowerheads off the hydrangea, and its still got at least 50 more. I could start a dried hydrangea business off this one bush!

Anybody else finding bagworms? Theyve invaded a couple of my crab apple trees, so I had to do some pruning.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Pat, I look for the bags, and take my trust lighter the long kind that I use to light the grill and set them on fire. Kills the worms inside and doesn't cause any unsightly damage to the tree. I have seen some worms, but for the life of me can't find where they are coming from.

I got what I thought at the time a mosquito bite on my leg, and I am beginning to think it is a brown recluse bite. It is red and still itchy after 2 weeks, and I am cleaning it twice a day with alcohol and then applying antibiotic cream to it. It does look better, so may wait a few more days before making an appointment to see the Dr. You know I think my calendar is only for those kinds of appointments and don't want to make another trip if I can get it healed on my own!

Weather Liars are saying we are going back into the hot humid and sticky weather this week and next. I knew it would wait until the men started to cut tobacco to do that. It is hard enough work that they could use a little break on the weather!

Question, are the big bushes with white blooms that we used to call snowball bushes a type of hydrangea? I commented on one the other day to a friend and she said that they were. I sure hope my ignorance isn't showing, or if it is, it is at least clean!

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Pat, Glad to hear your healing up. I don't blame you I think I would be a little jumpy after what happened. My husband is scared to death of wasp or hornets anything that stings. When our son was 2 he disturbed a wasp nest at the park onetime. There was wasp flying every place and my husband takes off running leaving my baby standing there. I had to run and save him. No I don't let him forget it. He'll be a long time living that one down. lol
Will keep my fingers crossed for you that the pool man makes good on his word.
You could make a wreath out of your dried hydrangea heads. Do you have any grape vines?
I'll have to check my apple and plum tree for bagworm's.

Bonnie, Thanks for the tip on the bagworms.
Hope your bite clears up.
LOL Weather liars. I like it. They keep saying we will get rain and it goes around me every time it. I hope they are wrong about the heat and humidity returning. I have been loving the nice weather. I was hoping it would last the rest of the year.
Snowball bush is not a hydrangea. It is Viburnum. I love them and want a few. Your far from ignorant.

Has anybody heard from Sue? Have been wondering how her and the kids done at the fair? Hope it was a good time!
We went to Kings Island again today 3rd time this week. I feel like a broken down pack mule. I'm hoping I don' have to go back to King's Island any more this year. I did go and ride the roller coaster DiamondBack. DS and DH were riding something else. It was the best roller coaster I have ever been on. You can feel the skin on your cheeks wrinkling from the G-Force when you go down the first hill. Can't wait to ride it again sometime. My son's not tall enough to ride the big roller coaster's yet. He's not happy about that either. He has 2" before he can ride The Beast and a few others. We have to measure him every day to see if he's any taller. It's kinda cute. He just knows every morning that he grew during his sleep. I remember having to wait to ride the roller coaster when I was a kid. It's funny you can't wait to grow up when you are a kid and then when you do grow up you wonder why you were in a hurry.
Any way I have to get going and get some work done.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I once rode the roller coaster when I visited Havana as a teen-ager. Scary because it looked like it was going to collapse any moment.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Karen, You can have my share of the roller coasters. My job at an amusement park was always to hold glasses, billfolds, and other stuff people carry around. Couldn't pay me to get on one.

Thanks for the info on the viburnum.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Bonnie, Your Welcome!
I have the same job. It's always "Can you carry this for me" from both of them. Kings Island did improve the cups. Now they have lids with a plastic handle on it. You can hang it from your bag and not have to carry it anymore. I guess they had to fancy up the cups since now they charge you 13 dollars for a coke. They want 9 dollars for a corndog. It could drive you to the poor house if you bought food there. We pack a picnic lunch and leave it in the van in a cooler. When we get ready to eat we get our hands stamped and go get our lunch and find a tree for shade.
I like to ride everything except rides that spin you around a lot. Roller Coasters are my favorite's.

Have to get my boy to bed. Hope you have a blessed night.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Today is the first day of 2nd grade for my little man. We went to meet his teacher last night. She is a very nice lady. I think he will have a great year at school. He has a friend from last years class that sits next to him. He was happy about having a friend in class with him. I'm happy that this year he goes to school down the street and not the other end of the district like last year. We live at the far end of the school district. The Kindergarten and 1st grade building is about 20 minutes away from my house. Now he goes about 1 mile to the elementary building. Took about 3 min. and we had to wait for a second for a train. No more waiting in the cold for the school bus. I love it! I'm going to help out in library a few days a week. I'm excited about about getting to help out. It will also give me a chance to get to know the teachers and some other parents at the school.
The school is collecting books for needy kids. I get to clean out the book shelf and get rid of books we no longer read anymore. My son has a 5 shelf book shelf that is over flowing. We should be able to donate a dozen or two. I'm happy that we can pass the books on to some one who can use them.
My dryer seems to have stopped working this morning. I'm going to get my tools and go down and see if I can work on these newer models. I use to be able to work on my old one. Have never had to try to work on this one before now. Hope it's something I can fix myself. I'm not really wanting to pay a repair man to come out. Guess it's time to go find out.
Hope everybody has a Blessed Day!

Waddy, KY

Not much going on here except work. The tomatoes have finally started to ripen and rot. This a bad year for tomatoes here. There's very little foliage on the vines this year and it appears that due to the weather I've got a horrible case of buckeye rot. For every crate I pick I probably throw away two crates. And since there's so little foliage, I'm getting a lot of that yellow shoulder on them. Not pretty for market at all. Got a late crop of cucumbers, beans, lettuce, spinach, carrots and squash up and growing and planted cabbage and broccoli today as well as some turnips and more kale. I was hoping for a little shower but it appears it all went north of us.

I'm so glad all my kids are out of the public school system. I'd had kids in the system for the last 24 years and it was time for the torch to be passed on. Kate called from Murray last night. Sounds like things are going good down there. I think she'll be home for Labor Day. Right now I feel like my right arm has been cut off. That kid could work like a Trojan and was darned good company to boot.

Karen, hope you were able to fix your dryer.

Bonnie, is the bite any better?

Did I miss how Sue's fair went?


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Sorry I have been out of touch for a couple of days. I have sort of been a daze over Cece Coogan dying suddenly. She posted on the Coffee... and thread, and the Upper Midwest forum mainly. Just so young and although she was taking chemo for breast cancer that they found about 6 weeks ago, they think that a blood clot in her lung broke loose and went to her brain. I have just been in a state of denial because her daughter had just reported that she was doing lots better.

Janet, I knew that you would miss Kate when she left for college. Sometimes it takes a little absence to truly appreciate them. Did you ever find any help with the markets? DH sowed his turnips just the first of the week. He dug a couple of hills of sweet potatoes last night and they seem to be fine and lots of them. He planted a different variety and they are purple, with purple flesh. I baked one tonight and honestly it looked like a piece of red velvet cake that had been smashed. They say they have lots more antioxidants than the regular variety, but it will take some getting used to for me to eat them comfortably, without expecting a chocolate taste! He also has the regular variety too, and right now I am undecided about the purple ones. Maybe you could find a niche market for them, if you pushed them as healthier, and of course being different might be a selling point too. Depending on how many he digs, do you think you would be interested in trying them? That Mexican restaurant isn't open yet, just was in town today, sign said Coming Soon! Bite is still there, and is red and still itching after 3 weeks. No better, but no worse. I need to call the macular specialist tomorrow. I have had a dramatic change in vision the past couple of days, and I think the macular has turned wet, and they will probably want me to come in and start the injections in the eye to keep the vision from deteriorating more. I have a black hole in the center of my right eye, and I have to turn my head just so to be able to see anything at all out of it. This getting old is not fun. You better be in darn good shape before you start getting old, if not, don't think you will survive much of old age.

Karen, awww, the first day of school. I think I remember my son being in the second grade and starting the second grade. It has been many years ago. Glad that you are excited about working in the library, and meeting the teachers there. Having a friend in the same class is a welcome thing. At least it keeps them from feeling so "alone" with the other kids he doesn't know.

Pat, are you all healed up from the stings? That was a scary thing to have happen. I would be leery too to hear any kind of buzzing around me for some time. Did the pool people show up? It hasn't been a really good summer for using the pool here. We had a leak in the liner, and had to have a new liner put in (the old one was 6 years old) and then when we got it filled, it took several days to get the water warm, then we had the cool spell. I got in Sunday to clean it, and it was pretty chilly. The temps are supposed to be in the upper 80's and low 90's for several days, so it may be good later toward the weekend.

Didn't mean to write a book, but it took that to catch you all up with where I am.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Hi everyone and good morning to you all.
Bonnie...I don't like to hear about that bite. My daughter had one on her foot once. Please be careful with it. You may need to see a dr after all.
Janet...I bet you do miss your daughter! It's hard huh?
Karen...Just enjoy them while they are little. Time goes sooo fast!
Pat...best to be "gunshy" after what you went through! I got nipped by a BIG bumblebee the other night, from cutting a hydrangea and not checking it out first! He was sleeping inside the blossom. I just felt a prick...and instantly dropped it. A neighbor was standing nearby and she said, ohhh...did a thorn stick you????? Well..I knew hydrangeas didn't have thorns...soo!!! But I had let go quick enough that he barely got me.
That is the first time in many yrs I have even been close to being stung...and my fault!
I am a firm believer that bees can smell fear on a person...and go after the ones who show it. LOL..i talk to mine....shhhh... I know!!!! But it works!
I never did like roller coaster rides...or many of the others either. Just a weenie here...lol.
Well...the maillady stopped and asked us to do something about things that are blocking our driveway view to the road...geez. So Dave took down my sign last night and hes going to move it to the other side of the post. It wont show as well..but. Oh well..its not like I have a business here. He was pretty mad though. Said she needs to learn to drive...LOL!
ok..gotta hit the shower...hair appt today. More later...hugs to all

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Well it turned out to be the motor on my dryer. I could only find a used motor for $95.00. I could not bring myself to pay that for a used motor. Ended up going to Lowe's and buying a new one last night. They are going to deliver it Friday. It was 2" to tall to fit in my van. They offered free delivery so I took them up on it. Hope this one last longer than the last one. My dryer was only 5 and a half years old. Warranty was only five years. Go figure!

Janet, Glad things are going good for Kate. Sorry you have lost your best helper.
Hope your other crops turn out better than the tomatoes. They say we have a better chance of rain today. That's what they say anyway, not sure I believe them.

Bonnie, Sorry to hear about your friend passing. Blood clots are scary.
Hope your bite starts to heal up.
Hope your pool is nice and warm by the weekend for you. They are so much work , it would be a crime if the weather keeps you from enjoying it.

I'm off to work in my garden. Have a Blessed Day!

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Karen... glad to hear you are getting a new dryer. I am still looking for a washer drum...the kind that has holes all around in it. I just dont know where to find one?? Any ideas?? Anyone??
Well..I'm redoing the fence line along the front garden.
There was just a mess of stuff there...lol. Daylilies, coneflowers, some kind of purple salvia, plus bulbs. The salvia and coneflowers are out. Salvia wasnt even salvageable...roots were rotting. I want to take the daylilies out too...but Dave doesnt want me to. Man...he didnt want me to change anything! Grrrrrrr.
Seee...I had bricks to edge it...but they were set in on the narrow side. Then i had this rubber edging laid there...and it was ..yes it was! Rotting away! Sooo...took that up, threw it away. Now I want to lay the bricks in on the flat side towards the bed, so he can run the mower right over them, and not have to use a trimmer...whichhhhh...he doesnt use anyway!!!!!
and I cant. A complicated mess! Wish I could just call someone to come n do it for me!
Oh...there are also boxwoods out there.
What i would like to have is knock out roses inbetween the boxwoods, butttt?
Ok, Marcia...dream on....LOLOL!
Hope everyone has a great day!!

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Marcia, Thanks! They delivered my dryer this afternoon. Now I'm playing catch up on my laundry.
I have a appliance repair shop that sells me parts when I need them. I can call Monday and see if they have what you need. What brand of washing machine is it? He's good about finding things if he doesn't have it on hand.
I understand your frustration with your husband not wanting to change things you are bored with. I'm bad, If my husband doesn't want me to change something. I'll wait till he's gone to work and make the change anyway. Most of the time he never even notice's or if he does he doesn't say anything. Not saying you should follow my bad influence. I'm just confessing what happens here. lol
Hope you can get your fence line and edging the way you want them. Keep on dreaming, it's good for you!
Need to get going and get my kid to bed. Hope everybody has a great evening.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. Had to visit the eye Dr today as my vision changed almost overnight and I thought it was the macular degeneration. Good news/bad news type thing. I have cataracts and it is time to have the right one operated on. If it will help me see better, I would go in the morning. I am going to wait until the tobacco is in and I can be assured that DH will be free to take me for the surgery and the follow up care.

Marcy, DH is always giving me advice about what needs to be done, where things should be planted and it is never what I had intended to do! Just wait until your DH is gone and do what you want. I doubt that he would have the heart to change it or say much about it. Fall is a good time to find the knock out roses on sale. I picked up some a couple of years ago for $5.00 each. Nothing wrong with them, and although they were small when I bought them, they are doing well, and have really grown.

I am just about due a new dryer too. Sometimes there is a place in the drum that catches clothes and they get stuck and I am afraid one day when I pull them out I am going to have a big hole in something. I have taken the flash light and looked inside but for the life of me, I can't see anyplace that looks defective. And if it is damaged, how did the damage occur, as I don't put anything but clothes in there. Sometimes I wash tennis shoes, but they are put outside to dry.

DH and I are talking about selling this farm and finding something with a couple of acres. He is complaining about it being too much for him to take care of. We have hay and of course he has to mow the pastures to keep them looking good. The garden is always too big, and we have about an acre in lawn. I shudder to think I will be digging up flowers to move someplace else. I have been here 19 years and still don't have it like I want it, and to think of starting all over again. I may decide that plastic flowers are pretty after all, and stick them everywhere to make people think I am a big gardener.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Bonnie, Glad it wasn't macular degeneration problem. There's no surgery for macular degeneration. I don't think there is anyway. I've been out of the medical world for a while so it maybe it is. Cataract surgery has been perfected over the years and the results are great. My father-in-law has had both eyes done. The only limitation's he had was he couldn't bend over for 2 weeks and no staining for a period of time. He had a lot of drops to put in his eyes for a short time. His only complaint was wearing his glasses with a lens out to work. He's a college Prof. and felt funny in front of his students.
I'll pray for you that everything goes well and you have a fast recovery.

Hope your bug bite is starting to heal up!

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only DW that makes changes when the DH leaves sometimes. It makes me feel bad sometimes just not bad enough not to do it. lol

I'm loving my new dryer. I have been wondering about you dryer. Wonder if there is a slight warp in your dryer drum that may cause the clothes to get pinched at times. Just guessing. I'm no expert repair person that's for sure.

I don't see you or any other gardener being happy with plastic flowers. There are a lot of people in Hamilton with plastic flowers in their yards all year long. I could take some pictures of them if you want some plastic idea's. lol

Have many threads to catch up on better get going.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Karen, I was just joking about plastic flowers. No way would I ever do that, although I can see benefits to it. No weeding, no need to fertilize, no watering, you get the point! Besides plastic flower colors are so unrealistic.

Yes the bug bite is better, but it still is red and still itches some. However, I can see no other ill effects, so guess I will survive. Never had something last as long as this though. I have been putting antibiotic salve on it, and keeping it clean. I did put a bandaid on it at the beginning at night, mostly to keep me from scratching it.

I don't know about the dryer. Sometimes it does it, and then the next load I dry it will be perfect. So strange that I can't find anything like a little misalignment where it goes together. I think I have dryer gremlins!

DH is going to the state fair tomorrow afternoon. It is the last day and they have the horse pull. I think they are going to honor his DB who was killed last year.

You all have a good restful night. I am heading to bed shortly as we will be going to church, and it is always hard for me to get going most mornings.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Karen.....I don't need the washer drum for a washer. I want it for a fire pit burner!
Saw one on Pinterest...just the inside drum with holes in it...fire burning in it...looked really cool!!!!
If u find one let me know!
Bonnie, cataract surgery is very simple nowadays. I had both mine removed several yrs ago...at the same time!
No probs whatsoever. And since I have always had bad eyesight...(very nearsighted)...now I can see a hundred miles away...but need glasses for reading.
It didn't hurt at all....and healing was fast. They did it outpatient. The only thing that bothered me was the light at first. Dark glasses will take care of that. Like Karen said..im so glad it wasn't your macular that was the problem. Cataracts are soo much simpler to deal with.
And girls...shhhh ..but yes...I will prolly just do as I wish with my border....LOLOL.
We went to the Portland Indiana gas n engine show today...big flea market too. Then came home and went to the Eaton car show...a big one as well. I am pretty tired...even though I do have a motorized cart to ride. It was hot...and long. I hope we can stay home tomorrow!
I did get a couple of white baskets for flowers. I've been making baskets of flowers for different ones this year since the hydrangeas have been so prolific and beautiful. Think I might just make myself a couple too!
Here is one I made for my daughter in law.

Thumbnail by Marcy_1
Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, Marcy that is so beautiful. I only have one hydrangea and it blooms earlier in the spring. The blooms were beautiful, but you have so many different colors.

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