cucumber disease? leaves getting spotted and brown

Youngsville, NC(Zone 8a)

I am trying to figure out what went wrong with my cucumber plants. i am in central NC and the plants were doing great until we had rain for many days in a row. do you think they developed some sort of disease from too much water?

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Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

mine has done the exact same thing, an entire huge section of the vine is just brown and crispy leaves attached now, just the end of the vine looks ok, and at least is still growing and flowering

Delhi, LA

I don't know if you live in a farming area or not but it looks like you have a chemical drift that hit your cukes.

Squash borers got all my American type cukes but didn't bother the Japanese cukes I planted. Strange.

High Point, NC

Did you have white "fur" or spots on the cucumbers prior to them turning brown and/or limp? I've had the same issue with my cucumbers this year, but had powdery mildew prior to the plants shriveling. In fact, I've got powdery mildew on everything in the melon/squash family. I'm combating it with an old folk remedy of 50% water and 50% milk. The jury is still out, but I think it's actually working!

I was stripping the infected leaves from the plants, hoping they'd make a comeback. Now I've decided to plant more seed. Cucumbers grow so fast, I'm hoping I'll get a few more before the first frost.

Sedro Woolley, WA(Zone 8b)

I had similar issues as well from what I believe was too much rain possibly washing away too many nutrients. I have sandy soil so mine were growing like crazy and then all of a sudden from the bottom up, the leaves were turning yellow, and the leaves shriveled up and fell off. I found info in using Epsom Salts to replace magnesium, but I think it was too late. I was growing Dragon's Egg cucumbers and only two made it.

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