Problem with eggplants

Harwinton, CT

This year, here in northwestern CT, my eggplants are coming in nicely with deep purple color. As they mature they are fading out to a dull, light purple color. Does anyone have any idea what is happening to them? Cold it be due to the heat wave we've been having?

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Sorry, no clue. I've never grown eggplant.

Thomaston, CT

Hi neighbor.....I don't plant eggplant anymore, because it never does well for son In Goshen grows beautiful eggplants......maybe it's the variety you planted? I seem to recall I had some light purple eggplants at one time......

Harwinton, CT

Hey Robindog . . .

No, its the same variety I've always planted. I read where white eggplant starts out white, ditto the other colors, but these are starting out very dark purple. I'm hearing that other crops, e.g., zucchini has been affected by the heat. Funny, because I always thought squash and eggplant were hot weather crops. I don't cook eggplant dishes much myself; I just plant it for my daughter who really likes it.

Thomaston, CT

It's a mystery! I only have 1 squash so far......usually I'm throwing them away this time of year.....

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