anyone try crossing phlox??

Warners, NY

I have spent several days studying the phlox's anatomy and have finally figured out where the stamens, anthers and stigmas are. So now I'm going to try it, even though all I have are two old varieties and an invasive wild one. This AM I was pulling apart a blossom and realized that the pistil and stigma were left, but the flower was emasculated so I think all I will have to do is dissect a flower from another clump and use the anthers. I can't see how you could mark one flower so maybe use a whole flower head and attempt to pollinate every flower in it. Now all I have to learn is how to harvest, germinate and grow the seed---I may get bored before I get there. I did manage to get seeds from Hemerocallis minor and H flava this month so I can play with them for a time. Too much rain caused deformed seeds though, so we shall see.-------------------------------------------------------Weedy

Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)

Hi Weedy,

Just out of curiosity, what species of Phlox are you planning to breed? According to Wikipedia, there are 67 species of Phlox, so there are a lot to pick from, and probably some opportunities to make inter-species crosses.

About 20 years ago I became interested in Phlox drummondii, because the cultivar "Twinkle Star" looked so good in my flower beds.

I purchased several varieties of annual phlox to cross with Twinkle Star, in hopes of getting much larger plants and flowers. One quaint variety was "Phlox of Sheep".

I think it was Thompson & Morgan that I purchased my "Phlox of Sheep" from.

My project to cross Phlox of Sheep with Twinkle Star taught me that I didn't like stooping over to cross-pollinate plants that grew only a few inches tall. I shifted to zinnias because the plants and flowers were much taller and larger, and basically easier to work with. But best wishes to you with your Phlox project. I think there are a lot of opportunities there. I would be delighted to get a zinnia bloom that looked like Twinkle Star.


Warners, NY

They are perennial phlox, probably paniculata??Almost done blooming, now with about twenty seed pods.------------------Weedy

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Warners, NY

Ended up with about twenty ripe seeds. I suspect they will have to be stratified or winter sowed and I will have to live until I'm eighty to see them bloom. We shall see!------------------Weedy

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