Dorstenia gigas in semi-hydro

Fresno, CA

I recently acquired a Dorstenia gigas last month. I moved it into semi-hydro and plan to keep it in there. In late Fall, I'll be moving the plant indoors to keep it warm. I would like to know from those of you who have experience with Dorstenia gigas in semi-hydro how I should water the plant in Winter. I don't know if such plants go dormant, let me know. Thanks.

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

pachi: Bihrmann's at:

"Keep warm and moist at winter, as the winters on Socotra."

And on Fat Plants at:

Dorstenia gigas is a rare caudex forming plant from the island of Socotra. It develops a stocky main trunk that may have several large vertical branches and many horizontal smaller branches. The whole body has a light green tint. The leaves are deep green when fresh, but turn orange on the bottom side as they end their life cycle. It is a very attractive plant, but will only thrive in a mild semi-humid climate. It can not handle the extremes of cold and heat. If in the right environment, it will remain active all year. Dorstenia gigas is rarely seen in the market place, but is sometimes offered by specialist growers at some cactus club sales.

Check them out!

Decatur, GA

Nice references Nancy. Thanks.
I have tried (too) many times to keep a D. gigas going. They all succumbed to either rot or failure to thrive and just shriveled up. The one pictured is my last attempt and it is just barely hanging on. I think I have had it 2 years. The leaves are stunted as you can see. I have in the past allowed the plant to go dormant in the winter usually keeping it in my cool basement. After reading the above reference I think this year I will keep it in a warm sunny southern window and water and fertilize it in the hope it will do better. Wish me luck.
The other Dorstenia has been doing well for years without any special attention. You can even see the volunteer seedlings in the last picture. I think this particular plant was a volunteer as well and since I had several D. species at the time I am not sure its lineage. I enjoy the wonderful inflorescence structures. So weird. I suppose if I wanted to catch the seeds I could get a little forest going!

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Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

I'm so glad you can use the references Helen! I think it will help your D. gigas to put in a sunny window for the winter. I hope it makes it! Let use know. I love the 2nd Dorstenia species. The flowers are big. Do you ever feed it?

Decatur, GA

I feed it each time I water with whatever I have on hand. MG, Vigro, Cactus juice.

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

Hmmm ... I better feed mine more often. I have a similar plant but flowers are small.

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