Planting wildflower seeds in Colorado

Kerrville, TX(Zone 8a)

Am located between Durango & Pagosa Springs. When would be the best planting dates/season for tossing out wildflower seeds. Ordered a pound of seed and hoping a good time to plant would be now until September 15. Have read any season and right before it snows. Decided to ask on Dave's, the people who will really know. Thank you. The 15th will be my last date to plant.

Kerrville, TX(Zone 8a)

I do know the seed community exists. Thanks.

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

I think your posting in the wrong region, this is Rocky Mt region, not flat land

Pix is a veiw of Pike's Peak just west of Colorado Springs, Co. from about 65 miles away......

Thumbnail by warriorswisdomkathy
Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

Best thing to do would be to divide your seed and "hedge your bets".
Some seed has a short viability (ie Johnny jump ups) - plant a few now.
Some seed likes to be fall planted, from when the nights turn cool but before the ground freezes (ie Bachelor Buttons) plant after Labor Day through mid-October - maybe nearly half your seed.
Some seed needs freezing and thawing - plant Feb-Mar before a snow - maybe 1/4 of your seed.
Some seed likes to be planted after it gets warm but before it gets hot - mid April until Mid-May, maybe as late as Memorial Day at your elevation. Plant the rest of your seed or buy fresh, may need to keep watered if we are having a dry spring.

Kerrville, TX(Zone 8a)

McCathy: We now have a place in Colorado. Thank you for your response.

Kerrville, TX(Zone 8a)

Thank you, I threw out all the seed about 3 weeks ago as had to head back home. Hoping the snow will pack in the seed. I appreciate your recommendations and will file these for future use. Thanks again.

Kerrville, TX(Zone 8a)

Thank you for the beautiful pic. It has been a few years but have ridden to the top.

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