What are your favorite combinations to prolong color?

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

It's a good deal harder, I think, to preserve color from spring through fall than to count on foliage to maintain a pleasant space. I'd love to get ideas from the rest of you about how to get a succession of color.

Two of my favorites are 1) delphiniums and lobelia cardinalis. Both are tall enough to go in the back of the garden. I plant them alternately. The lobelia isn't at any height at all until the delphs are cut back. Oh would that I had the problem of second growth delphs getting in the way.... :-(

2) Baby blue eyes followed by portulaca. The baby blue eyes can be sown very early (in 4b late April can work), and the portulaca won't even germinate until late May. I direct sow the baby blue eyes along the edge of the garden and plant portulaca in a window box (not attached to a window). I bring it in for most rains (advice courtesy of someone on DG). It's just ready to plant and bloom when the baby blue eyes has become intolerably scraggly.

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