Gladiolus not blooming the color i purchased !!

pitt meadows , Canada(Zone 8a)

i planted several different colors or glads this spring - blue sky ( havent bloomed yet) but all the Kryptonite ones i planted which should be bright green are just a bland yellow

i notiiced this on some of the can cans i planted as well ( yellow with red centres) as well they were just yellow as well ( sme of them were not) i never purchased straight yellow glad - is there something that they are lacking to bloom the color that was advertised on the package? i cant seem to find anything on the web relating to this please help thanks!
FYI i water every few days have fertilized lightly - there in 4 plus hours of full sun daily and im in zone 9 ( lower mainland - vancouver BC area)


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Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

The glads you purchased probably were not the ones in the pictures. Did you purchase from a reputable company or a "store"?

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

There are lots of reasons your plant may not look like the color on the package from improper labeling, as Mittsy implied, to soil quality and ph as well as weather. Sometimes buds are affected by weather conditions as they are forming, long before the blooms open. Considering that this is the first year, I'd wait patiently to see what comes up next year. I'd fertilize the soil with bulb food in the fall and maybe a light dusting early in spring/late winter and then not feed again.

Even when you buy from a reputable company, you may find that if you do an internet search by the name, the photos may all look different. There are certain bulbs I only get from the grower, and they still look a bit different on their website compared to what I grow. They grow to be very pretty despite the fact that they bear little resemblance to what I was expecting.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I have to admit, Glad's are one of the few bulbs that do come true from the bulbs and never known them to change colour, I've grown them for many years.

As all the others have said, poor conditions could mean a deep pink becoming paler in colour, whar looks like Red could grow as deep pink but someone else might call it Red, while might be a Cream colour but they cant become Red if you plant Yellow.

I would do as suggested from others and amend the soil by adding as much humus as possible, not sure about your winter temp's but if you get freeze at the soil then make sure you either lift the bulbs, dry them off, (Hang them up by the dead foliage to allow the bulbs to dry off) and then remove the dead foliage store the bulbs in a dark cool (not frosty place) and replant early spring.

Hope all this can help you out a bit and maybe once the bulbs have gained enough energy to improve the flower size, colour and enjoyment.
Good luck and Best Regards.

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