My Alpine Garden @ August 10-2013

Smithers, Canada

Hello Gardening Pros:

Just an update to thank you all for your help and advice since I planted my first sq. ft. raised bed garden.

As of today it has been 52 days since I planted my seeds into the soil and even though I was challenged by various issues, ants, aphids, spider mites, extreme heat, long wet and cold start, it appears that my perserverance and your encouragement has resulted in a darn impressive garden box! Thank you all so much.

My tomatoes are all healthy and loaded with fruit. Have been eating from my cherry tomato for over a week, lettuce is abundant and sweet, radishes are on their second crop, peas have pods and blossoms, beans have blossoms, potatoes in the fabric bags are so delicious, have been stealing babies to eat, and will empty the fabric bags around the 21st of this month, when my daughter and her family come for a visit. I am very excited and enthused and foresee that I am definitely going to continue with my veggie gardens in 2014. I will however, then be planting at least 6 sq.ft. garden boxes about 4" wide by 12' long. I can hardly wait. This whole newbie experience for me has been wonderful. I have really learned so much, have confirmed various veggies that will grow well up here, and produce a delicious and abundant harvest. It really is a very rewarding experience.

Thanks again to all of my garden supporters for continuing to encourage me and teach me by patiently answering my many silly newbie questions about veggie gardening, and what do I do now?

warmest regards

am attaching some pictures taken today to show off my veggies. Wow I am pretty proud of my garden!

Thumbnail by myalpinegarden Thumbnail by myalpinegarden Thumbnail by myalpinegarden Thumbnail by myalpinegarden Thumbnail by myalpinegarden
High Point, NC

So beautiful, I might have to borrow a few ideas for my garden!

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