What color are these baby silkies?

(Zone 6b)

I have a nice blue rooster in the backyard, and I kept out my best five hens to breed with him. Two are white, one is black, one is splash, and one is a splash showgirl.

I thought breeding white with blue would produce blue, so I wasn't worried, but now I'm wondering. I'm hoping the lighter colored one is a splash. I LIKE SPLASH! Of course, I like all the colors.

I'm just wondering what color these are. Is this what blue silkie chicks look like, or have I made a mistake and gotten some strange colored chicks?


Richmond, TX

I have no idea, but they are certainly cute! Many chicks change color dramatically as they feather out; do Silkies do that?

(Zone 6b)

This is the last one that hatched, the lighter colored one. Don't worry it is not dead. I filmed the last few minutes right as he came out of the shell. This is right afterward, I took the top off to take his picture.


Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

could they be partridge color

(Zone 6b)

Hey JordonKittyJo good to see you,

The rooster is supposed to be blue. I mean he IS BLUE. However, I have had a partridge rooster in there with them too, so I hope he is not the father of these babies. I locked up the partridge rooster and waited about ten days before I started collecting the eggs, so I'm hoping they are not partridge. They sure have the partridge markings don't they? I call it the chipmunk markings. However the color is blue on the chicks, they are not brown. Maybe that is the way these blue babies look. I have no idea really. Just guessing.

Have my incubator full. Don't know whether I should smile or cry over that. Heaven help me when I try to figure out what to do with the roosters. I'm hoping maybe I can sell some if I go to Shawnee, OK to the poultry show this December.

Thanks for commenting. Not many people are here anymore.

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

I rarely have seen silkie roosters fight. they are a very docile breed

(Zone 6b)

Oh they do fight and will kill each other too. The hens can be aggressive to the other hens as well.

I have one rooster that will flog me every time he gets a chance. I want to get rid of him after I breed him to my white hens. He is not that great looking, but he has that silver white color, which is pretty. He's a mean little devil though. :) He really is.

I was wrong about the color on the babies. The strip on the back does have some brown color, but the rest of them is a blue gray color. I really didn't think the old partridge rooster was doing much with the hens, but maybe I was wrong. I should have waited longer to collect the eggs perhaps.

If that partridge rooster is able to breed, I have one good hen to put him with. They should produce some very nice partridge silkies.

There were two roosters in the backyard, the partridge and the blue one was one that came from the show last December. So the blue one is young and quite active. The partridge is one of my older birds, about five years old, and one of my favorites. I wasn't sure he knew what to do with the hens since he has never been with them before. Lately I have seen him jumping on some of them.

Anyway, I locked up the partridge rooster and the hens that are low quality before I started collecting eggs to put in the incubator. I thought all the babies would have the blue rooster for a papa. He's a pretty good looking fellow.

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