Sweet Bell Pepper-Blossoms

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9b)

I started my sweet bell peppers from seeds in March 2013 and finally got blooms in August 2013. Do I need to pollinate them on my own considering that the warmer weather is leaving soon and I have no idea if I will get any crop this season or if the bees are visiting my garden enough.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

You can pollinate by using a very soft SMALL brush, something like a ladies make up brush could help but make sure the hairs are NOT short stubby type,
You can help pollination by shaking the plants just enough to make them tremble, too rough and you can bend or break the plants.

You can MIST the plants with a fine bottle with a fine misting nozzle on it, use tepid water NOT freezing cold from the tap.

I would think that as you already have blooms now, then most will have already been pollinated by insects, even IF the cooler weather has began, insects still need to eat and wont die off or hibernate till later on in the year, they also will want to get there fill of pollen to see them through the winter of feed their grubs.

I would be more worried about the cooler weather being a problem for the fruits not being ripe before winter temps make it impossible for that but then again, there are ways to help ripen fruit too, so for now I would hang fire and wait another few weeks before I reached desperate stages.
Hope this helps you out, I'm sure others with your climate might be able to help you out further.

best of luck. WeeNel.

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