Without saying a word this video will leave you speechless

Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

Sorry, I could not get past the first few seconds.

Richmond, TX

Me neither!

(Zone 6b)

This isn't as graphic as some. I can't take much either, but I didn't think this one was that bad really.

I worked in a beef processing plant in Amarillo many years ago. I was only there about a month, as I had undiganosed lupus. I would work a few weeks and then get really sick and didn't know why.

The processing plant was kind of neat, but I wasn't in the killing room, I was in packaging. It was a steady stream of meat going through there on the long conveyer belts and everyone had a small job to do. It moved constantly. When the beeves came through the doors from the freezer they were already halved and hanging. Remember the Rocky movie where he pounded the beeves? That is what they looked like. By the time they got back to me, I would put the ribs in a plastic bag and into a machine that took the air out of the bag. Then loaded them into the boxes. It was really an amazing operation, but like I said, I wasn't in the killing room. I don't think I could have stood that.

I remember too that the people that did the cutting wore steel gloves. Their knives were so sharp some people had cut off their thumbs and fingers.

Just bothers me that the cattle are kept in small pens, and I'm not sure what they are being fed. I think they should be on grass in the fields. I just think they are healthier and for sure they are happier while they are living.

The poor sows in this video I guess bothered me the most. They force them down and make them nurse the babies. Do they ever get up to exercise and walk around I wondered? I would suppose they would. Surely they don't make them lay there 24/7 to nurse the babies.

Like my mother used to say, "This is a cold cruel world" and indeed it is.

This video made me feel like I was living in a very unnatural robotic place, like we are mice caught in a maze. Not good. Not good. Yet, I have to admit, the way this all operates feeds the people. Does it produce high quality food, probably not. I think there is a better more wholesome way to feed ourselves, but this one at least works. We do have food in the supermarket, and for this I am grateful. Very grateful.

(Zone 6b)

Probably made you feel sick seeing how they treated the chickens.

Richmond, TX

Glad I didn't make it to the pigs!

SW, AR(Zone 8a)

From widely dispersed, well-exercised bands of hunter/gatherers to food producers whose abundant productivity led to highly centralized populations who rely on huge companies directed by the bottom line to do their growing and gathering, slaughtering and butchering, preparing and serving–all save the chewing and swallowing–for them, what’s next?

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

I watched it all.

(Zone 6b)

I think the whole point of the video is that the meat processing in this country needs to change. It isn't right to treat the animals like this, and it isn't healthy for us.

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